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  1. Ja, war ein Denkfehler meinerseits. Falls noch relevant: Ich habe ganz einfach in dem Sky Network Treiber eine Channelliste erstellt, womit man dann z.B. die einzelnen Sender als Favoriten auf die Neeo Remote programmieren kann.
  2. Is there any tutorial or has anyone managed to get a german channel list in composer for the dreambox driver? I am trying to manage my VU zero with the DM8000 Driver but the only Broadcast I get is "Sky Network" with Providers from the US. Or is there maybe any other way to get SAT Channels from Astra satellites?
  3. Since I somehow am not able to message directly due to being recognized as "Spambot" by CleanTalk Plugin I try it with a new topic (already informed admins about that) with a new account: I'm looking for a Neeo remote send to Germany since the prices here are way higher than in the US even with shipping fees and taxes. @chopedogg88 I cant send you private Messages anymore. Best shipping method is maybe DHL?
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