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  1. Thanks was going to try it today as one of my streams popped back up yesterday and the other did not but funny enough both are present today. If it happens again I'll try rebooting
  2. Luckily I have sonos as well but I just noticed yesterday that I don't have my c4 sources in Spotify anymore. I can still play the last played if I hit it in c4 itself but can't choose anything new as the source isn't there to cast onto, all my recievers and sonos still show. Anyone else see this? Currently on 3.1.3
  3. Good to know, I have been emailing back and forth and so far the person I have been speaking with is helpful and was working on it.
  4. Power loss, leds don't reset and have to go lock get thermostats to have them show back up as active on C4. ANNEX is working on the Nu Heat driver and has been super helpful. The reset macro worked on reboot on 3.1.1 but now on 3.1.3 it isn't working, the button setup in comfort does but not the automatic one.
  5. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but here it goes. I'm setting up a macro for when I have a power loss and the entire system reboots. LEDs on all the keypads are done but I dont have a way to reset my Nuheat floor heating. In the driver there is a "get thermostats" button that needs to be clicked in composer and looking for a way to program that in so it can be reset automatically and I would put a button in navigator as well to manually do it.
  6. Thank you, I also made a Boolean for the night time itself to make it work 30 min before sunset and 30 after sunrise. This will help me alot with the my subwoofers as well (understanding now how to do variables better). I have alot to learn but this is big for me for now.
  7. Look at using "Fully Kiosk" instead of action tiles or along with action tiles. Currently using it on my Fire tablets for wall mount and a huge fan as its limiting tablet use to just be home control. Action tiles has a few neat features but for 7 euro this is a pretty sweet setup they are set to use the camera also so the go to sleep and when I walk by they wake.
  8. Looking To Create night lights that will turn on an off via sunrise and sunset but not affect the current state of the light if it is on. As in Kitchen light is on I want to stay on vs dim to the 1%. Additionally if the light gets turned off it will come back on to the 1% when its night time. Last request is that its toggleable so i have the option to turn it off or turn the feature on if I wanted. If I schedule a scene it will go to that state no mater what, and if the light is turned off it will deactivate and not automatically turn on. So I used a UI KEY button and try programming and
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