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  1. To anyone who has worked with this specific communicator/controller combo....The DSC manual states to use only RX+, TX+, and GRD. I have tried both the cable that it came with and a CAT5e to make the connection to a CA-1 and it doesn't seem to communicate. I have studied the wiring recommendation and understand that port 4 is ground, 5 is RX (connected to TX+), and 6 is TX (connected to RX+). Has anyone done anything different? The other issue I'm seeing is subsection 851[422] is 000000000000. Per the instruction, you use only the first 8, but I'm wondering if that code is invalid. Any thoughts? I have followed the instructions and don't believe I missed anything. I have tried both serial and IP connections and the only thing I see in Composer is that it shows the software version for the communicator, so I believe it is talking about it is stuck in "Establishing Connection" I do have an EA3, but that is in the living room and connected to a switch that is then directly connected to the main switch. The CA-1 and DSC TL280LER are connected to the same switch. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Thanks,
  2. I definitely made that determination during testing of the buttons. By that point 5 hours had passed and only half of the work was done and half of the LEDs did not give status of buttons. I told them we were done for the day. The house was a new build that had this tech package which included C4, and unfortunately, that's the dealer we got. Funny enough, I actually mentioned the possibility of the driver and it was dismissed as not the issue. But hey, what do I know? Thanks for the feedback!
  3. I have a chamberlain garage opener that I have paired to a z2io and magnetic door sensor. The Z2IO is wired so that it is connected to the magnetic contact sensor and a dry contact clicker that is connected to the garage door motor. What I want to do is the following: I would like to have a Goodnight/Nap/Stay button on some the keypads that are in the bedrooms. Ideally, the button would arm the alarm as appropriate, verify garage door status, and if open, close the garage door, and lock entry doors. Is this possible? The dealer could not figure out how to do this with the z2io. Anytime I pressed the programmed keypad button during testing, it would cycle the garage door, not close or verify closed. I plan on getting the Home Edition and would also like to know if I could program this myself. Thanks!
  4. I have a new/unused Triad PAMP8 amp and PAMS8 matrix set that I need to sell or trade for an AVR that can handle 4ohms, 11 channels, up to 3 zones. Asking $2000 OBO otherwise. The amp will come in the original box. Thanks!
  5. Sorry for reviving a semi-old thread, but for the Haiku L, did you have to buy the wifi module to be able to connect it to C4, or does it already have something?
  6. What’s the difference between a regular switch and an essential switch in terms of capability? Are you able to do double and triple taps?
  7. Does anyone have a current Triad product catalog pdf or something that can be posted? Specifically the speaker line? Thanks!
  8. Are any of the keypads configurable keypad dimmers or just regular keypads?
  9. Thanks everyone! Got what I needed!
  10. Looking for a Triad PAMP8, an EA3, and some keypads and dimmer keypads. Hit me up!
  11. Still available? How much for EA3 alone?
  12. Your unifi setup is very similar to mine and I watched the same videos as you. How do you have your C4 equipment configured within the unifi system? Do you give it full access or under an IoT network? I’m planning on using my C4 for my DSC alarm so it has me wondering lately.
  13. My house has 2 zones for audio. One is an exterior zone with 2 Triad OD25 speakers and the other zone is an interior zone that will use 4 in-ceiling speakers and an in-ceiling sub. This indoor zone is located in the living room and will not be split into different zones. We do not plan on adding additional zones in the future. That being said, we only need two audio streams at most, which means I only need an EA-3. We only plan on using Pandora, Spotify or our iPhones for music. If I acquire a Triad TS-PAMP8, do I need to have the TS-PAMS-8 matrix to make this work, or does the Triad amp work with the EA-3? The EA-3 does not have any RCA connections, so I don't see how a physical connection is made.
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