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  1. Are any of the keypads configurable keypad dimmers or just regular keypads?
  2. Thanks everyone! Got what I needed!
  3. Looking for a Triad PAMP8, an EA3, and some keypads and dimmer keypads. Hit me up!
  4. Still available? How much for EA3 alone?
  5. Your unifi setup is very similar to mine and I watched the same videos as you. How do you have your C4 equipment configured within the unifi system? Do you give it full access or under an IoT network? I’m planning on using my C4 for my DSC alarm so it has me wondering lately.
  6. My house has 2 zones for audio. One is an exterior zone with 2 Triad OD25 speakers and the other zone is an interior zone that will use 4 in-ceiling speakers and an in-ceiling sub. This indoor zone is located in the living room and will not be split into different zones. We do not plan on adding additional zones in the future. That being said, we only need two audio streams at most, which means I only need an EA-3. We only plan on using Pandora, Spotify or our iPhones for music. If I acquire a Triad TS-PAMP8, do I need to have the TS-PAMS-8 matrix to make this work, or does the Triad amp work with the EA-3? The EA-3 does not have any RCA connections, so I don't see how a physical connection is made.
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