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  1. I might have one. What is the name and model number? Also if you can't find a driver you can make one if you have the remote that comes with it. I just did that for a spectrum colervision box. It was from 2017 but I used the create a driver in composer and the original remote. The ea1,3 and 5 have built in ir capture devices. In composer you create a driver and each command you point the remote at the ea and it will record the code. It take a little time to do it but it has saved my ass a couple of times when I could not find a driver
  2. I had the same problem and had to build a driver using the create driver in composer and use the spectrum remote and copy each command using the spectrum remote and the ea controller to capture it. Yes its a pain in the butt but it does work and customer was very happy at the end that it worked. Sorry its not a better solution, but it will work
  3. I like the picture and video from the chime, great quality, it's got a lot of great features. . I do not like the interface on android. When my doorbell rings my android starts ringing like a phone call and I have to 1st unlock my phone which I guess is normal. The interface on the T3 and the T4 is really good, pop right up in your able to answer or reject the calls. I do not like the interface on android. When my doorbell rings my android starts ringing like a phone call and I have to 1st unlock my phone which I guess is normal but then trying to get right to the doorbell chime seems like it
  4. Did you go to the connections tab and bind them together?
  5. Here is another point. If you already have a garage door with built in myq and like everyone else, the integration is dead. You can't just add the aladdin connect and have your integration again. Because myq is unit security 2.0 you can't use aladdin connect to control that myq door. You will be able to see it on your touch screens and mobile devices and it will let you know when it's open and closed but no control. I just bought the c4 garage door bundle and it arrived today. So hopefully this weekend I will have it installed on my own garage door that is a chamberlain model with myq bui
  6. I have noticed the in wall t3 units do go bad after a couple of years too, also I just bought 2 t3 tabletop units. 1 for a customer and I treated myself to one also. I was setting up the 1 for the customer and the touch part of the TOUCH SCREEN did not respond to any touch and would not work. They RMA'ed it and sent me a new one. Then the one I bought for myself turned on, I had it all set up and added to my system and after 3 days it shut down and will not turn back on. I even tried another table top t3 charging station and nothing. So today I will have to get back on a chat
  7. If it can be controlled ir, then why doesn't your dealer make his own ir driver then?
  8. Well its been over a year and the myq driver is still not working. Has anyone heard any news on this yet? Myq does still work with other automation systems like clare controls and others. So why not control4?
  9. Yes c4 does support and integrate with ra2. No do you have ra2 select or radiora 2? There is a difference but both do integrate Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  10. Clareone has hardwire contacts and a wired to wireless translator Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  11. I used a lutron caseta occupancy sensor and at night it turns on the c4 dimmer to 20% i had to use a lutron caseta pro hub but it worked great Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  12. How about the programming and control of the essentials dimmers and switches? Like the regular c4 dimmers, tap once, twice, 3 times ect.. you can program each tap for something different. Can you do the same with the essentials? I know you can't get them engraved and they don't have the same back lighting and stuff but if they can be programmed to do the same thing then that will save me a lot of money on a commercial job we are doing. I cam use them In all the bathrooms and in the back work areas Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  13. That being said, I would take 3 of them at $225 each if your willing to come down but totally understand that your trying to recoup what you spent. I have been in the same Situation where I had to use equipment temporarily, Then when I took the equipment out unfortunately I could not sell it as new anymore even though I had the original boxes, not a scratch on them, and honestly nobody would have known other than myself. I have the philosophy where if I use it on a job once it is now considered used Let me know if your willing to come down a little and like I said I would take 3 as I have a
  14. I am pretty short I took it down correctly, if anyone still sees it please let me know and I will Take it down again. Once again I sincerely apologise Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  15. I am so sorry I thought this was only for dealers and not end users. I will take it down immediately. I was not trying to cross any lines or anything like that.I have a lot of respect for all us integrators and like I said I thought this forum was only for integrators only. I am figuring out how to take down the post right now and once again I do apologise. I was not trying to cross any lines at all variable I actually feel horrible about this now Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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