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  1. G'day, also, I'd just like to ensure you're using version 20211010 to avoid bugs (if you're using RGBW2 in particular, its a good idea as we integrate effects now)
  2. G'day, I'm the developer who wrote the Shelly driver. Just wondering what modules you're having trouble with in Advanced lighting? I've sent you a private message with an email you can use to send further details (and to enable us to send remote access instructions. I have tested Advanced lighting with a Shelly Vintage and it appears to work correctly. Thanks, Thanks, Andy
  3. G'day, I can confirm that the Chowmain ping driver definitely still works in OS 3.2.X: http://www.chowmainsoft.com/ping . Keep in mind, drivers which soft reboot the control4 controller utilise an unofficial API which cannot be officially supported (and there is a risk they may be phased out) As an alternative, I recall Wattbox units have a ping watchdog (self Healing), although, if you combine with UPS, you can eliminate your specific problem entirely possibly. Be careful that you give devices a chance to be offline during firmware upgrades (if they're offline for only 5 mins, it could be for a VERY valid reason, so I probably wouldn't reboot any devices which are offline for any less than 1hr).
  4. I'm fairly sure this question has been posted in a few places (I've seen it on Reddit). HC800 can run OS3.. However, HC-800 was released 2012 apparently. At this point of time, I wouldn't recommend paying someone to program everything up and install one personally, because it's likely reaching End of Life with updates. The rest of the HC series no longer runs OS3 (and the HC800's 10 year anniversary is creeping up on us). If you have them already there pre-programmed, then it might be worth it, but from scratch, probably not at this time.. On the other hand, it's actually fairly amazing the HC800's have been supported so long
  5. In my unprofessional opinion, it feels like some of this advice isn't the best way to deal with security, and misses some common security issues (keep in mind, security isn't my day-job, and never was).. 1. Backing up to external HDD. That's not considered a backup unless its using a Copy on write filesystem. Ransomware will totally destroy it next time its plugged in. You actually should save to a device or appliance designed for backups, and support versioning, which many cloud storage systems do.. On Synology for instance, DS Drive can save copies of files so if ransomware corrupts them all once, you can simply revert to an older version. 2. There is no mention of IPS, or ransomware protection at all (network appliances such as Watchguard literally send all downloads to a VM online, and monitor them for long periods to identify if they are running malicious code which runs on a timer. If it's discovered to be malware, all infected computers can be identified instantly). It's all great to run tests, but that only shows you your security at a specific point of time, and uses specific valnerabilities, whereas an IPS may be able to block packets with certain characteristics which indicate a high likelihood of malware. 3. No mention of Wifi security. We had the argument on the Control4 Professionals group a few months ago, where it was discovered some installers were installing OPEN wifi networks which were hidden. In all likelihood, those networks are now listed in wardriver search engines. 4. "watch out for phishing emails" isn't sound advice. It doesn't mention strategies to identify them, and doesn't offer any strategies to avoid them. The number of clients we see running outlook and a cheap Cpanel based mail system is fairly alarming.. 5. No mention of password reuse. These days, that's how most people get hacked. Cycling the passwords won't help a huge amount if the client is using the same password on their email account as their bank account.
  6. It will of course be bias here, but as others have mentioned, OS3 is a whole different ballgame, and there is a huge amount of development at Control4 that seems to be happening in the background too. You can use Composer Home for a lot of changes too without an installer. The business model makes a lot of sense for Premium residential / commercial What would you change? There's been lots of recent major improvements including OS3. Also, which poorly developed hardware specifically?
  7. G'day guys, just thought I'd post about a problem we have uncovered (firmware related). If you're planning to use the included webview (in the module driver), Webview's seem to break for some people during an upgrade to 1.10.4 on the lights (you'll notice the top right hand corner of the screen says Time, but has no time). To fix: Upgrade to Chowmain Shelly Module driver 20210505 (Available later today online) Try upgrading the firmware on the device first, and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action after completion, in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches. If the problem is not rectified after removing the cache, rollback the firmware using http://archive.shelly-tools.de/ to 1.10.2 (if using lights) and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action afterwards in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches If neither fixes the problem, try to Factory Reset the Touchscreen. We have uncovered an issue with Upgrades between some firmware versions, where the Time becomes hidden from the top right corner of the screen, and some features, such as the Color-wheel on the Touchscreen Webviews ceases operation (but the webpage operates correctly on computer). * Upgrade to Chowmain Shelly Module driver 20210505 (Available later today online) * Try upgrading the firmware on the device first, and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action after completion, in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches. * If the problem is not rectified, rollback the firmware using http://archive.shelly-tools.de/ and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action afterwards in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches * If neither fixes the problem, try to Factory Reset the Touchscreen.
  8. G'day OceanDad. I haven't had a chance to use the Berto drivers myself (although, I have heard of them). The best thing to do is to probably give the driver a try, and let us know how you go (we had really good feedback during the beta period), and if you do have any recommendations, we'd be certainly willing to listen. All of our drivers offer a 90 day trial, and if you're already using Shelly cloud, can be completely set up without additional configuration within 5 minutes (just jump into the Shelly Cloud Driver Agent, add the API key, Refresh Information, wait 30s, click Auto-Add and the drivers will be ready shortly after). Without comparing directly, some of the main advantages over competing drivers (and possibly the Berto drivers) are: Shelly Cloud Integration - Greatly facilitates self-healing during network changes (particularly for Sleepy devices). I believe berto uses MQTT, which is more efficient, however, cloud connection must be disabled. Cloud access to all modules can also facilitate remote troubleshooting. Auto-Adding of drivers on the cloud, including Thermostat/humidity. We include a Light driver to control relays, which can be added to the project in 2 clicks 2 -click easy setup of Announcements binding to events (for features like using the Shelly Button as a doorbell to play announcements). Alan's magic worked this out. 1 click Notifications for event support . Again, Alan worked this out, and it's already in a few of our drivers) Very large list of Events (in fact, I believe all of them).Not sure how we compare to other drivers, but Beta testers gave me the impression other drivers had less events Button_link bindings for events, which is perfect for treating Shelly Buttons like normal keypads for instance. Huge list of properties and variables. Battery life remaining is an example some drivers apparently don't support . In regards to sleepy devices specifically, our driver react to all possible events sent by the drivers, but will also pull as much info as possible directly from the module when it wakes up too, so will respond to feedback efficiently Also, if you have any specific questions, feel free to message me directly Andy
  9. Hey... What issues were you having? 4Sight is an optional extra, and there is no requirement to pay for it unless you're using Intercoms, Voice control or remote access. There is no requirement for a yearly subscription...
  10. G'day, Sorry, were you referring to: http://www.chowmainsoft.com/generic-tcp-command or one of the other drivers? Just wondering if your problem has been resolved already. Andy
  11. Thanks guys.. It's only been a week so far, and looks like they're working on some really interesting projects in the upcoming future which are really exciting.
  12. Pre-release 5 is out, and now includes Auto-adding of drivers using the new C4 3.2.0 AddDevice API. Just want to thank everyone at C4.. An updated Preview is available below:
  13. Pre-release 2 is now available from: https://cbuslink.com/ (keep in mind, this is still a development build). It fixes 2 major bugs with Dimmer (Managed) control: 100% gets treated in certain circumstances as level: 100, not 255/FF (as per CBUS) iPhone/Android support is fixed for dimmers
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