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  1. I would like to buy a CardAccess Contact Relay ZCA-WCS10-R-ZP Does anybody have one they are willing to sell? If this is not available what wouldl be an alternative a C4-Z2IO unit? Thank You
  2. I am experiencing this same issue with my Wattbox300ip - was there a resolution?, suggested work around? use the old driver? I have updated my wattbox to the latest firmware.
  3. I have 2 Crestron CNAMPX 16x60 amps in my system. They have 24V and 120V power inputs. They have dedicated 24V being supplied, and I plan to add a PDU so I can switch the 120V on/off via Control4 (IP or relay?) . Can you suggest a PDU I should buy for controlling the power to these amps? for now I would like to have a dedicated PDU just for powering these amps (vs a more sophisticated / larger PDU to be used for many components) I already have a small WattBox which my cable modem and router are plugged into. Thanks in advance for the help
  4. Hello - I have a Vanguard DA8050 amp in my system, I would like to trigger it on /off via the 3-24V AC/DC Trigger Input. Can you confirm that I can wire this to a C4 EA5 (or I/O extender) 12V trigger port (relay)? Once wired do I need a add an Amp Driver to add logic for when to turn on and off the AMP? Or is there some other way to program this? I actually have multiple amps in the system, so I will want to specify to turn on the amp when a certain room is active.
  5. Hello - I received a NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV for Xmas. Will need some help adding a C4 driver to my system for it. In prep for this I have purchased a Video-Storm IRUSB device. I have added the android app for this irusb device. However an not sure of the proper configuration for it. Enable RX forwarding?, Enable RX HID mode? etc... Attached is an image of the IRUSB app configuration GUI
  6. I have located a NX-584E module - no longer need to buy one. Thanks
  7. Hello I am moving to OS 3 and have been told that the NX-587e virtual keypad module I have is not supported by OS3.0. It is recommended that I upgrade to the NX-584e module. However I can not find a source for this module. Can anyone suggest where I would be able to buy this module.
  8. Hello I just determined that my audio matrix switch (believe my unit is a C4-16zamsv3-b 16 Zone 16x16 Switch, firmware 03 26 53) sometimes causes certain audio outputs to become unbalanced (e.g. right side much louder than left side). After looking for bad cables, etc... I determined a simple power cycle on the audio switch fixes the problem. It only seems to happen after several days and may be associated with power outages in my neighborhood (homes being built sometimes cause power outages). I do not have my audio switch on my UPS, maybe I should add it. Is anybody familiar with this anomaly? Maybe I need to update my firmware? Is this a know issue with this switch. It is pretty annoying when it happens. Thanks in advance for your feedback
  9. Wow! Thank you for the quick replies. I apologize in advance for the newbie (dumb) questions. Yes, I would only want to add a DirecTV device to a room with a HDMI TV connection, BTW I have a 16x16 HDbaseT video switch matrix. I will PM you for more info on the "renamer driver" Thanks Again
  10. Hello - I just moved to a house with an existing Control4 system. I am now learning the system, and want to make some adjustments. One of the first things I have done is purchase Composer HE 2.10.6 (BTW my integrator told me it was unusual to ask for Composer HE , I was their only customer that had ever asked for it). The prior owner had some devices with funny names (DirecTV boxes, AppleTV units...). Will Composer HE allow me to change device names? I have not found this yet. Additionally will Composer HE allow me to add devices to rooms (e.g. one of my DirecTV boxes can currently only be selected in one of the bedrooms, I would like it to be available in multiple bedrooms) Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide.
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