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  1. I recently picked up a car and paid for an updated audio system and really felt like Apple Music’s compression left the sound super flat. Been pretty happy with the Amazon HD service. The CarPlay integration leaves a little to be desired and I’m trying to get the hang of the C4 integration but the sound quality and music selection is pretty good so far. I think I pay 12.99/mo since I already pay for prime. just another option to consider.
  2. Yep, the Atlona matrices seem to work well when programmed correctly but are a bit finicky in terms of their settings. Sounds like it’s working for you based on Muj’s suggestion. I’m the ‘fellow member’ he was referring to. I can tell you that Atlona tech support was pretty awesome and they spent a good amount of time on a three way screen share with Muj and myself to get my matrix reprogrammed from a non-working mess of an install to up and running pretty darn well. If you are still having issues, I highly recommend contacting Muj to help you out. He rocks!
  3. I have an Atlona Opus and decided on that for the reasons Ari stated above. It was not set up correctly initially and we had a good number of issues (like all things in C4, if installed and programmed correctly things work well, if not you’ll have issues). Spent a lot of time with their support - who were great - and a remote installer I met on these forums and the experience has improved dramatically. Picture quality is great, reasonable switching times and just a few problems here and there when the resolution gets a little off but I think that is due to my TV box more than the matrix. I wo
  4. Yeah, having this same issue. The problem is compounded by the fact that there is no consistency between apps. Some let you use the select button to play/pause and select and others only allow it to be used as a select button, it may work in Disney+ and not Hulu or HBO Max and then work in Netflix. I just got a few Neeos and having this exact issue.
  5. I’m using the Araknis 810’s and they seem to be working pretty well for me for what that’s worth. Also, OvrC like @Cyknightmentioned above - and he knows WAY more than I ever will 😀
  6. I have an Araknis 310 and have a Poe scheduled for just this reason. In areas where I have no Poe and just regular plug in iPads I’m using the Kasa outlets on the same schedule. Both are working fine.
  7. Did your dealer update the firmware on your WAP? If so, maybe one of the settings above got changed and caused the issue. Odd that it would just stop working out of nowhere.
  8. @msgreenfhas one listed in the for sale section of the forum:
  9. Interesting. Great ideas so far - thanks for sharing!
  10. Came across a Nyce key fob and was curious what folks might be using these for? It is the 4 button version. I’ve done some searches but didn’t find much. Thanks!
  11. Have had the IP driver stop working on me. Luckily, had the installer put IR buds on every ATV so just switched over to IR. I’m not thrilled with the operation compared to the IP driver. It registers the button presses just fine but the play/pause/select button is wonky and VERY dependent on whether you are in an app watching something or on a menu screen - and each app is acting a bit differently. Spoke with a great remote programmer I met on this forum and he said he’s seeing this quite a bit as well. Biggest issue with this is trying to use the Neeo. Wanted to replace an SR-2
  12. Here’s a link to an older ( 2015) video that does a good job of helping to understand some setup ideas for Shairbridge/Airplay. Learned a lot from this as my original plan was to set things up differently and my original installer had no recommendations. I found it helpful because it helps explain some of the basics for end users to discuss with their dealer: https://youtu.be/_HYkqprtpEY The meat of the Shairbridge info starts around 9:30 into the video.
  13. Just a quick shout out to Mitch. We have had major installation issues with our initial install and Mitch has PM’d me with advice after seeing one of my posts with some suggestions. We also had the chance to chat on the phone and he was super helpful. He is also a super contributing member of these forums and offers assistance to a LOT of folks questions/problems. When you’re looking for someone to help with remote programming I would definitely suggest reaching out to him. Thanks again Mitch!
  14. Without going into too much detail, I needed to find a new dealer/programmer so I reached out to Muj from this forum based on his reviews to help with some pretty significant programming challenges. He has been so great to work with so far - friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He has already helped with motion sensors, keypad programming, some basic settings, announcements and alerts, ceiling fan control, updating my system and a bunch of other things. On top of all of this, he is very efficient as well. We still have a bunch of work for him to do to get things where
  15. Just a quick update. I reset my controller again and the timer issue with the Kasa plug turning on at 5am seems to have corrected itself for now. Just curious how a scheduling agent item got applied to the outlet switch when I can find no reference to it anywhere and a reset just fixed it. I do have a few other outlet switches on the scheduler agent (for the iPads to avoid the battery swell) so maybe something was sent out to this outlet due to some odd reason but can’t figure it out. Certainly hope this doesn’t come back. Not sure if it’s a Kasa issue, C4 issue or programming issue but
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