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  1. Since I don’t currently have anything where I need intercom anywhere and had 3 iPads laying around, I just bought 2 Kasa outlet plugs and set them up on a timer to turn off at 11pm and on at 5am every day to avoid the battery swell. Where I needed an iPad but didn’t have an outlet, I ran a CAT6 through a POE to lightning adapter and had my dealer program that to turn off/on for the same schedule. Hoping that minimizes the risk of battery swell. So far so good.
  2. Hi all, thanks for the posts. Have a Triad 24 matrix and a Triad 16 ch amp. Hadn’t experienced any issues until the map was RMA’d so not sure what’s going on. Also, still getting that’electric’ noise when any zone turns on. Not sure which volume needs adjusting in HE to make the amp sense the sound. I adjusted the tone(treble and bass) in a few rooms and the amp seems to sense those rooms ok. Dealer is coming tomorrow so I’ll have them look at it. Was wondering what the advantages/disadvantages were for sensing vs triggering. No announcements right now, not sure if I’ll ever use them or not if that matters. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all. Wondering if someone could help me understand when audio sensing makes sense and when it makes sense to use triggers. Right now, I’m having volume issues that I’m waiting for my dealer to resolve - as in no volume in most zones until I manually turn up the volume in that zone myself to a certain level so I believe their isn’t enough of an audio signal hitting the amp to ‘trigger’ turning on the zone in the amp. Obviously, the volume should just turn on, and it did so before they replaced the amp for an RMA issue. I believe they have everything set up for audio sensing but I’m wondering why someone would choose that vs triggering the zone? sorry for the noob question but thanks!
  4. There is an audio matrix. Where would I find the source leveling feature? It’s a triad 24x24 matrix. Total noob with this stuff. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Just played around with some gain increases - seemed to help. thanks again!!
  6. Ok, so nothing in programming then? Just turn up the gain knobs on the back of the amp? Is there a ‘good’ setting I.e. not turning them too high to avoid distortion? Thanks a bunch!
  7. Wondering if I could get some help from some experts here. Getting more and more frustrated with our ongoing 3 month install (not because of size or complexity but because of dealer issues). Triad amp was switched out recently due to RMA for one zone not working and now all room volumes are very low. With video/watch volume set to 100 it still is barely audible. Audio/listen volume seems to be ok/normal max volume for the room. Trying to figure out how to increase the max volume/volume limit for the room for the video sources. Am I missing something simple?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. For anyone interested - looks like it was a bad amp. Triad 16ch/8 zone brand new. Not sure what happened. Luckily dealer had a new one available, swapped out and appears to be working ok. Will see over time but see,s to have lost resolved the issue of the electrical pop we were getting. Thanks for the help @eggzlot
  9. I was told by my dealer that the previous default was to turn off the video when audio was turned on but at some point in the not too distant past, the default was changed so the video stays on when switching to audio. His explanation was that people may want to watch the news or something while listening to music, etc. I had him program it with a shortcut button to kill the video when we want to. just what I heard. . .
  10. I think sleep number is Bluetooth isn’t it?
  11. No AVR on this Tv, just a local Apple TV with direct hdmi to the TV and then an optical out of the TV into the video matrix receiver that runs back to the matrix and the audio is run from there to the audio matrix. Having another issue in another room with an AVR but no AVR in this room. The other issue in the other room is not audio related. I’m guessing it could be the video matrix receiver is having an issue, something may be going on with the video or audio matrices themselves, a bad channel on the amp, a bad cable or a programming issue that is doing something with the audio in that room. Its a lot to troubleshoot. . .need my dealer to figure this out I guess. Just was wondering if anyone else had any experience or thoughts to help with the problem solving or anything I might be missing. Thanks again!
  12. ATV is local HDMI and then audio passed through the TV into the video matrix receiver to the video matrix to the audio matrix to the amp. This matrix has the ability to send the audio through the receiver and back to the matrix vs another wire run for the audio return. audio is fine in all other rooms I’ve tested so far. I’m guessing a bad channel on the amp since I power cycled every piece of hardware, including the TV and the video matrix receiver but will take me a bit to find the time to run up and down to the basement to try a different Zone on the amp.
  13. Just power cycled the TV and the receiver for the video matrix as well but no luck. Sound just went out again. Only in that one room. Guess I’ll have to try running the audio through a different zone on the amp and see If that might be the issue. Super frustrating.
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