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  1. Yes, sorry. I forgot to mention that I typically just say ‘hey Siri, open the garage door’. Works often. I should have been more clear. Since the Insignia unit is pretty cheap, I was hoping to get rid of that and just use something to interface with the C4 system. I use an iPhone. Not sure Siri or HomeKit could be used right?
  2. Hi everyone. So I’m narrowing down my C4 install and we will have our garage doors integrated into the system. On our existing Crestron system, we have the wall buttons soldered and sensors on the doors and that has worked well. We will be using those wires to connect to either an extender or, as they are currently run, into an HAI II system, whichever the installer feels will work best. Here’s my dilemma. The garage door that I use has some sort of interference and, with multiple vehicles, the built in Homelink transmitters don’t open the door from the outside 90+% of the time. It’s super annoying. i ended up buying an Insignia WiFi controller at Best Buy and it connects to my Apple HomeKit and when I pull up to the house. The main CarPlay screen shows the garage door opener as a suggested command. That works fine if my sensors aren’t going off, blocking the CarPlay screen, but if I go to my mailbox for example, I have to fiddle with a few things to get back to the CarPlay screen. Not optimal. Does anyone have a suggestion for opening the doors from inside the car once integrated with C4? I haven’t used the phone app but I don’t think that would be responsive enough. i was thinking about maybe geocoding my arrival and having the door programmed to close after a set time but not sure I like this too automated in case I’m doing yard work or washing the car. Other than putting a transmitter on the visor (yuck!) does anyone have a suggestion. Thanks in advance!
  3. Appreciate all of the feedback - thanks everyone! And believe me, I'm not diminishing all of your opinions about going with Ruckus or another manufacturer. I was just trying to see if I could get real world feedback on whether the 810 would be a useful upgrade. So, if I wanted to make a switch and install the WAPs myself, my biggest concern is that I don't have a background or skills to set them up, power levels, directions, etc. so I'm trying to weigh that with having the installer support their install of the 510s. We only have two of us in the house most of the time so bandwidth isn't really an issue. I was more concerned about all of the roaming dropoffs and having to reconnect devices that I've seen reported on the 510s. Thanks again for all of your input and suggestions. I'm hoping the installer will be able to accommodate ruckus but, again, anything OvrC or remote would likely be more expensive to resolve later if we do have issues. I guess I'll find out when I speak with him. Appreciate your feedback and keep it comin!
  4. Hi all. Finally have a few quotes that I’m considering and Araknis equipment for networking is being recommended. I know the profit motive for the dealers but it is also important that we have a system that can be supported should any issues arise and the familiarity seems like that would help and keep troubleshooting and support costs down in the future. Add in OvrC and I think I’m comfortable with Araknis for the main gear. Router and switch seem to be ok from what I’m reading on the forum but I’m not seeing much on the newer 810 WAPs. I have seen quite a few negative comments about the Araknis WAPs in general but nothing on the newest model. It’s a few hundred dollars+ up charge to go to the 810 but based on what I’ve been reading here I think I need to pay for that upgrade IF the 810 is a solid choice. We’ve been through quite a few expensive consumer WiFi and mesh setups and it is annoying to have to keep turning our WiFi off/on on our devices (iPads and iPhones when roaming around the house) just to get WiFi so the WAP and WiFi performance are important to us. Especially considering the cost of upgrading the network as part of the system upgrade. I’m going to find out if the front runner dealer would be willing to install Ruckus WAPs but don’t know their comfort level with that yet. So we may be ‘stuck’ with Araknis WAPs so the 810 is probably the choice if that’s the case. I know many have opinions about the best equipment, suggestions for other manufacturers, etc. and I think I’ve been through the majority of those threads. I’m really learning a lot so thank you for taking the time to share your time and experience - know that it is appreciated! What I’m really hoping to hear are experiences with the 810s specifically. Issues with roaming corrected from the previous model? Stability, coverage, etc. It’s very difficult to find reviews and I’d like to make a good decision on this aspect of the install. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for all of the replies everyone! I did find someone that has a lot of J+P experience so I’m thinking that may be our best option depending on price, etc. As I was reviewing everything in detail, it became apparent that I’m probably over preparing for 4K video distribution when nothing I watch that would be matrixed would be 4K - or at least I think I would rather look at 4K local devices to get better results vs. more compression and FPS, etc limitations. So probably have a few cable boxes and one ATV to share across all TVs via matrix in but mainly the ATV for the 1080P limited TVs(smaller bathroom TVs where they don’t make 4K that small - at least I haven’t found any- and I really don’t need 4K in the bathrooms anyway). Or maybe just all local ATVs and only matrix the three cable boxes. Again, audio return to get to the ceiling speakers may make it more cost effective to have the one ATV matrixed as the cost of the return audio, extra audio input/matrix spots for a few more ATVs at local sources. so mostly 1080P sources, local 4K ATVs and a BluRay at our main theater- probably overkill to go with a fixed matrix solution vs the flexibility offered with the J+P. Have to decide if returning audio to the matrix and tying those into the ceiling speakers or using existing sound bars would suffice for that local 4K content on most TVs. Don’t need surround or multichannel anywhere but the main theater room. Will price compare to see if we can fit everything on an 8x8 audio matrix instead of having to double that cost for the bigger audio matrix. I think we can make it work with the AVR and an 8x8 audio matrix. Again, thanks for all of the feedback, you all have me thinking about things I missed initially.
  6. I'm outside Philadelphia. One issue I'm concerned about is running the cable, etc. but I supposed I could find an electrician or network installer to help with that. I had never thought about a system build and ship. It might be something to consider, just would like to have everything set up and in/out in a few days like we did last time. What matrix system would you recommend? Thanks for your input!
  7. Thanks much for the reply! I think I would prefer a video over IP solution but I only found one company in my area that does that (J+P) and he went dark after I got a quote from him a while back and after a few voicemails he finally called back and said his programmer quit so he couldn’t take on bigger jobs. Not much confidence in him after that. I do find it interesting that some of the companies/sales people really don’t know the details about their products. It’s disappointing since I am really looking for someone to guide me through a lot of these decisions so not only will I end up likely educating at least one of these guys but I’ll likely end up paying more for them to learn while they set up my system. If we had someone local who was super knowledgeable, I would be ecstatic but the high level/awarded C4 dealers I’ve spoken with haven’t impressed me yet. I don’t like talking to too many people when getting quotes but this process has been much more painful than I had anticipated due to this and this is a pretty significant investment. I get the feeling that fast and easy are the philosophies of the people I’ve spoken with so far. Even asking about after install service needs was like pulling teeth. I got the impression that one of the bigger companies really didn’t want to interact much after the install. Doesn’t bode well for problem solving. I understand that an hour here or there for programmers to fix something isn’t really profitable but one of my concerns about C4 is that upgrades tend to break drivers, etc and I want to feel comfortable that I can get those issues resolved should they arise. Totally willing to pay for that of course. I guess I’m waiting for a very knowledgeable person who listens, understands and offers suggestions instead of just banging out a quote. If I can find that person/company I’m ready to move forward with the right solution but the handful of experiences I’ve had so far are actually making me feel like it may not be a good idea. I don’t mean to stereotype, just sharing my experience so far. Trying to be an optimist - Hoping for something better with my next quote! As a side note, the folks at Atlona we’re super helpful . . .
  8. Hi all. Been lurking on here for a while and super impressed with how knowledgeable and charitable most folks are! I am seriously considering jumping into the C4 pool but am having some concerns about a video matrix setup. Quick system setup: currently on component setup with matrix and whole home audio. Want to switch to C4 and debating whole home video/audio or going individual TVs (least palatable but least expensive ) Probably 4-6 sources (depending on the advice I get here) and 7 TVs. Here are some of my thoughts/concerns and i was hoping some of you might be able to give me your feedback: 1.I would prefer to get a video matrix with 60 FPS on UHD but I'm seeing that there are potential issues with EDID management on most of the matrix 'boxes'. I can't find a local installer that does J+P or other IP setups so I'm likely looking at C4 or maybe Atlona units. Likely the Opus if I go Atlona. I spoke with them today as I was trying to understand how the EDID 'emulation', etc. works but long story short, it sounds like the source device will only output to the lowest common denominator in the system. So if I want to run 4k with multichannel audio but have a TV that is 1080p in the kitchen, the source will only deliver 1080p to all TVs. I could 'lock' the source and have it only connecting to 4k TVs but then I run into the issue of audio - I need multi channel in my main family room but every other zone is 2 channel. I'm super confused about how this would be set up so that I could have the 4k sources show video at 4k and the audio could be played either 2 channel or multi channel depending on the zone. I know there is a box I can add to extract the audio and simultaneously have it run through an AVR and the audio matrix but if the EDID is telling the source that there is only 2 channel audio on the system, wouldn't the source fail to supply multichannel everywhere? Since this is the largest expense in the system, I want to make sure that I'm getting full 4k video where I want it and surround sound on my cable boxes (even though limited to 1080p). One suggestion was to only use certain sources on certain zones (i.e. 4k) but, again, I'm not sure that would work with the audio needs based on the EDID. And, frankly, if I'm not going to share my cable boxes and ATV, why bother with a matrix - it would probably be better to set up each TV individually and save the expense. I'm also thinking that I may just go local sources (ATV and Blue Ray player) at the main TV where we would want the best video/audio quality (family room) but I still want to get the benefit of 4k video on the other TVs where there is only 2 channel audio. Am I looking at this incorrectly? 2. I'm also considering pulling one or two TVs off the matrix and going with a slightly smaller matrix setup and just using a cable box on a least used TV or two. Is there a way to run the audio from that box or the TV to the audio matrix so I can use the overhead speaker in that room or would there be latency issues? 3. I'm being told that Araknis is a good backbone network and they have a new wireless access point (810 I believe). I see some complaints about Araknis but wondering if a lot of that is due to the older WAPs or the network in general. 4. I have a pretty good idea about how I want the system to function as I've been using a rock solid competing setup for almost 15 years but I'm worried that either I'm not getting the right information or I'm not understanding all of this correctly. We made a huge investment last time and learned a lot. I'd like this time around to be even better - but definitely not worse. Thanks again for any input/suggestions/etc!
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