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  1. I seem to be running into the exact same issue as you did with this setup. I would really like to get this working. I have a PPTP VPN setup, of course this VPN is required to fall on vlan 1. When I'm on the VPN (or on the local networks for that matter) I can't access anything across the other vlans. I would like to make all the vlans accessible to vlan 1 but not to each other. IE I want to use vlan 1 for management and access my entire network. What's the use of a VPN if I can't access the rest of my devices. Unfortunately I'm not on site at this moment and can't unplug the RE-2 router. So I'm curious, did you unplug the router from the Switch? or from the power to restart it? I have tried restarting the SX-24P and rebooting the RE-2 and nothing seems to work. I have the router set up on port 22 of the switch as hybrid with 1 Untagged and 2,3,4,5,6 as tagged and I have port 20 set up as an access port on vlan 2. The device is online, has access to the internet but I can't access it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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