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  1. Goodwill would bin it before putting it on sale as they'd have no idea what it is.
  2. Here you go. Hope it helps. https://youtu.be/he7HmB-VpVg
  3. I have stumbled across a company that does this but through WiFi and Tuya. Not sure How to integrate with Control4. 🤔
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yes it is Google and Alexa control so are you saying it is very easy to integrate with Control4 if I am happy to have the curtains cloud based control? I could live with that for now and try and flash for MQTT control if I feel the need to. Will I he able to program curtains with timers etc still? For example, as the sun sets have the curtains close automatically, or when the alarm goes off in the morning have the curtains open to welcome the day and let in light Cheers
  5. Bad analogy. The raw ingredients (hardware) aren't being marked up to the moon price wise for the restaurant to survive. You are paying for the Chiefs (integrators) skill in creating a fantastic meal out of basic ingredients. You basically are supporting the OP's argument lol
  6. Hi David. I've been talking with the factory direct. I'll PM you. Edit: PM sent
  7. Hi. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the Somfy models are about 6 times the price over other models available online. I have found a manufacturer that does motors which run at 40bB which I do not consider too noisy so I am happy to try and get them to work with Control4. They use Wi-Fi and the Tuya protocol. I have a dealer setting up my new house with Control4 which is costing me tens of thousands of dollars but I have to draw the line on curtains as I've run out of money. WiFi Tuya curtain tracks and motors for my home will cost about AU $2240 compared to $9600 so you can see why I want to save money. I do appreciate help in making this work as I need to order the curtain tracks and motors ASAP. Cheers all.
  8. Great. I'm buying Zigbee wall gpo's which work with Philips Hue which should work well with Control4 Hue Driver. I cannot spend 6 times the price on control4 curtains over Zigbee or Wi-Fi curtains. I don't have the money and it seems a blatant rip off too.
  9. Hi David. I need to buy some motorised curtains for my yet to be installed Control4 system. Budget blow outs prevent me from spending 4 times the price on control4 compatible curtains so I'm looking at Zigbee and WiFi motors. What will enable me to use through control4? I am not very knowledgeable with any home Automation programming but capable of learning I'd prefer Zigbee if it's possible. What do you suggest? Thanks very very much!
  10. Thanks. Honestly I will try as I don't have the money after a lot of unexpected expenses to go native Control4. Have you tried yourself? If so did you have much success? Thanks mate
  11. Ok thanks. The company I'm looking at also does wifi Tuya motors. How do you get these to work with Control4? I really appreciate the info.
  12. Hi, I am buying motorized curtains but I can only find decent priced units that are Zigbee Tuya controlled. I am having a Comtrol4 system installed in 1 month and simply can't afford the very very expensive native Control4 curtains so can you please explain how I can get these to work through Control4? Thank you very much! :)
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