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  1. Great point. I already checked that. Originally thought it was the Sonance driver, deleted that amp and readded in Composer and same behavior. That's what took me to look at the debug logs and sure enough it's the Matrix setting Audio Input 5 when it should be setting 4. Checked the programming on the Matrix and no scripts set. Even deleted the rooms. Same behavior. Truly baffling. Only thing I thought about was completely deleting the matrix, but that would be a pain in the ass with all the bindings in place.
  2. Hello, have a weird issue when selecting rooms in Control4. When selecting "Master Bedroom", audio plays fine but Control4 is changing the input on the Sonance amp to Input 2L/R. This is not how the bindings are setup (setup below). Logs on the matrix show it is selecting Audio Output 5, but that does not follow the binding (INPUT_OUTPUT_CHANGED, input = SPDIF Audio Input 1, output = Audio Output 5 (Audio Matrix)) Setup is as follows: EA-5 Digital Audio Out 1 -> LU862D SPDIF Input 1 LU862D Audio Output 4 -> DSP8-130 Input 1 / Group LU862D Audio Output 5 -> DSP8-130 Input 2 DSP8-130 Group A -> Master Bedroom Endpoint DSP8-130 Group B -> Living Room Endpoint I've racked my brain on this and for the life of me cannot figure out why Control4 is selecting this. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
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