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  1. Anybody using this to control an AVR/Processor that has IP Control but now C4 IP Driver? @alanchow-- looking to perhaps use this to control an Emotiva XMC-2 since no IP driver exists for C4. Thoughts? IP control commands attached. Emotiva_RMC_Remote_Interface_Description.docx
  2. Got some info back from Keith Levkoff at Emotiva regarding interacting with the device. I received 3 different files/docs Full Documentation for IP Control IR Codes, somewhat specifically for C4 IR Driver from C4 that a C4 user provided back to them While I'm a API integrations engineer and DBA for a living for a software company, I've yet to write a C4 driver and unfortunately don't have the resources to do so given my customer/consumer side of C4. I'm sure some of you out there could whip something using the IP Control (looking at you @alanchow 😉), but realize it would not be financially beneficial to do so if placing for sale, let alone for free. Looks like the IR driver would work, but I know if the possibility for a two-way driver is available, most would want that! I'll gladly provide any of the above 3 files to anybody who wants them.
  3. Plus Flash is essentially dead....
  4. Looking at various AVR/AV separates options right now and do like the XMC-2 as an option, especially w/Dirac. However, what's the experience like with C4 and drivers? Didn't see anything on the drivers search. TIA
  5. Interesting that you had this happen yesterday. Mine did the same between noon and 1 CT yesterday as well. Just had to force reboot it.
  6. Interesting products. Not familiar with this brand. However, for what they're offering with air purification, I would be more inclined to go the route of Aprilaire IAQ products.
  7. Have you been able to use the serial output on the receivers to control any devices? I'm reviewing documentation for my 8x16 Dolby Vision matrix from them and can't figure out how to control the serial out.
  8. EEEEK. Embedded Android is not a good solution IMO for non-touchscreen devices and something as specialized as this. Lots of unnecessary overhead w/Android compared to using a true Linux-based system. Android devs will often talk about this when choosing the "proper" system for what they're trying to accomplish and not forcing extra overhead w/Android when another embedded OS would suffice. I, for one, hope they do some performance optimization with their GUIs. Very sluggish on Neeo and mobile apps. Mobile app should be heavily optimized, especially with loading. They really need to take advantage of concurrency and pushing the loading of system state to the background a lot more--they phones have the processing cores and capabilities. Don't know about the Neeo remote hardware, but would venture to guess they may have at least have dual core chips; very easily could be wrong.
  9. I've always found this odd, but I can't recall the last time I actually looked at the buttons on a remote, even when I had a harmony remote in my bc4 (Before Control4) days. Was talking to my wife about this the other day (looking at remotes) since we were watching my parents continually put cheaters on and off to read the remote buttons on the remote they've had for about 5 years. We found it odd they don't have the muscle memory to control their remote. Is this not the norm?
  10. This would be welcome new. Neeo is a great first step but feels unresponsive and sluggish. Wouldn't need much update save for internal resources. Would love to see a budget option replacement for the aging SR260 that I'm more willing to "throw around" or have kids touch. As a noob to the C4 community (about 9 months)--are there any "upgrade" programs for controllers or remotes?
  11. What is the benefit to using the audio in on the controller compared to sending the audio to audio in on a matrix? Since it's into the controller does it allow that audio to be sent to Triad One's on the network? Does it allow that audio to be sent to the AMS-24 via the network? TIA
  12. Once configured properly--does your Pushover Secret and Pushover Websocket say OBTAINED and CONNECTED, respectively? You have two separate IFTTT and Pushover accounts with two desktop Pushover licenses purhcased as well, correct? Has the integration ever worked for you or is this the first time you've attempted to set it up?
  13. Seeing the same behavior when I've tested it. Feel like this shouldn't bee that difficult to figure out for C4 but what do I know 🤷‍♂️
  14. Definitely will to test this out as well for you! Still have a homebridge instance on my network I can leverage.
  15. Yup...just noticed this yesterday when I was testing out my Chime a bit more (it's not installed yet--still waiting for Cat6 behind doorbell to be run) and compare to my Unifi Doorbell. I couldn't get it to load in the C4 app and show anything, but if I rang the bell I got the alert nearly instantly via the Intercom app and it popped up with a feed nearly immediately. Wonder if a new update borked something.
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