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  1. Well, FWIW, I've pinged Nvidia Shield support and asked them when they expect to have the driver available again. Have yet to hear back.
  2. I have one contact sensor I'm using for close and one contact sensor I'm using for open. Not using myQ nor soldered to a remote. I'm using relay to trigger the garage door; these wires plug directly into the opener in the same two sockets the opener button plugs into. Nothing fancy there--just the conventional "shorting" of the circuit to trigger the motor. Regardless, I've performed the 9-button-press reset of the unit and it's been fine since. Really no idea what was going on. Still concerned however that something may go crazy in the future and it start freaking out---but
  3. This is really slick! Glad to see someone is tackling this. This is something Apple allows via HomeKit on ATV's for cameras and doorbells as an overlay and it's really nice.
  4. Have a Z2IO that I'm using with 1 relay and 2contact sensors (for open and closed) to control a Chamberlin garage door. Has been working fine the last few days--was installed this past weekend--but suddenly this morning my wife left home (opened and closed via HomeLink button in vehicle). In looking in the log I noticed there were 3 "open" events and one close "event," with one of the open events being the same time as the closed event. I figured I'd test opening the door in the mobile app. Once I clicked it, the door started to open, then stopped, then closed, then started opening
  5. Looking to go the HIkvision route to replace Unifi Protect (want better integration and only have two cameras--but expanding and will be getting Chime). AcuSense seems great, but the NVR's have gotten some bad reviews and apparently have up to two years old firmware. I like the idea of NVR having the built in PoE switch for the the cameras but maybe looking at something else. Wont need more than 8 cameras.... So...let's have it...what are your recommendations for a Hikvision NVR... Also dome or PTZ cameras for exterior soffit mounts? I'm in Wisconsin with wide open exposure to West w
  7. Can you further elaborate what this means? Having a bit of the same issue myself on a few bulbs
  8. How I've implemented geofencing with IFTTT, pushover, and C4 should work with any platform/phone that has an IFTTT appl and supports GPS.
  9. Will gladly provide any guidance you may want.
  10. Apple's HomeKit does seem to have some of the best simple geofence actions available, and I used to have everything in there but have moved onto C4. It's what I modeled my C4 geofencing with IFTTT after. For me, IFTTT only handles pushing information to C4 if someone goes in or outside of the geofence halo. House occupancy count, if someone is home or away, and tracking any arrival, any departure, first arrival, last departure are all handled w/in C4 and updated in real time with no delay. The 4 types of movement (arrival and departure) are macros and I add or remove other macros to them for e
  11. Nothing too fancy right now. The biggest for us is the thermostat (Aprilaire 8840) and setting the away temp based on HVAC mode when the last person leaves and then removing that away hold when the first person arrives home. Others: Closing garage door if open and nobody is home. Turning off certain lights if left on and nobody is home (this includes internal Christmas lights right now) Turning on laundry room light from 5 minutes if anybody comes home at anytime of day. Key is to restart the counter if someone else comes home after that but also kill the timer if the
  12. I've heard from videostorm: I've asked them to update their app intent in the driver. We'll see what happens. Would be nice if they just allowed updating the intent like Chowmain's driver for IRUSB.
  13. Ahhhhh thanks for clarifying. These are the things I can't see on the HE side of things.
  14. Thanks Mitch--already have one out to them. I know my install is presently using the universal minidriver as VS' documentation now supports it. However, in debugging, I can see the app intent for YouTubeTV when using the universal media driver is showing an intent that is no longer accurate for YTTV. Hopefully VS has something they can conjure up
  15. Yeah--I'm at a loss here. I emailed C4 support and asked what the app intent was currently set to for YTTV for the universal minidriver. Likely won't hear back until tomorrow.
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