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  1. My wife's did the same. Bounced controller...nothing. Bounced Chime...nothing. Logged out and then logged back in C4 app and she can now see the users/devices to call and can call them. However, her device doesn't ring at all for direct intercom calls or rings from the doorbell. Just gets an alert immediately after that the call was missed. Same. Can get alerted for any and all calls and can answer, but can't call chime without a button push and get video, only audio.
  2. Not 100% accurate as there are some limitations in what can be done in HE compared to Pro when it comes to logic flow, but if you know the tricks there are ways to enable certain logic flow types that are normally disabled in HE. 😉
  3. When using the mini-apps for watch activities, not listen, is it possible to have it show the app icon (Netflix, Plex, etc.) instead of the device icon (Roku, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV)?
  4. Is there some documentation on Apple's Developer site about this functionality?
  5. It's already in place for iOS and has for a while. Doorbell rings come in like phone calls. Also, it hasn't been a locked system for a few years now and CallKit is easy to use: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/callkit
  6. I use Z2IO with two rail sensors and one door magnet. I only have one large garage door. Live in Wisconsin, so air temps outside of -20F to 105F. Garage temps range from 20F to 65F in winter depending if heat is on in garage. Summer gets upwards of about 85 in garage. Humidity as low as 20% in Winter as high as 80% in summer in side the garage. No issues thus far for the past year. They've been installed. I use the following set, but only one door magnet that aligns with the rail sensor: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KYGJT4W Two tips: If using Z2IO to also send the pulse signals with an opener that supports the 'shorting' method, be sure to set the pulse around 1500ms or so---too little and your garage door can get into an endless loop of opening and closing (I may or may not be speaking from experience) Be aware that when your controller resets, your Z2IO will also show state changes.
  7. Far more conservative than the others but still looks cool/beautiful IMO: https://www.wharfedaleusa.com/products/elysian-4-floorstansing-speaker
  8. https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/us/speakers/beolab-18 https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/us/speakers/beolab-28 If he's alright with ES, which are inherently funky looking: https://www.martinlogan.com/en/product/impression-esl-11a https://www.martinlogan.com/en/product/expression-esl-13a Anything by Focal, if you can get it in the US A little less conventional but cool looking there is Spatial Audio from Utah For odd, but definitely making a statement there is the Magnepan 20.7 which are usually available under $15k
  9. YESSS! As a primary Linux user (with a MacBook Pro for portable), it's frustrating. I ended up creating a Windows VM on a Proxmox host exclusively for Composer. I then use Apache Guacamole to RDP into that VM through any web browser, but I shouldn't have to go through all that to make it available in a browser.
  10. YEAAAAH.....Jacob could use a Xanax or two....
  11. Please don't take offense to this, but if you're already using VLANs and using a Mikrotik device, I'm a bit confused what help you'd need. If you're having difficulty configuring the Mikrotik to work with C4, or in general, I'd highly recommend getting an easier to manage router. There is a reason Mikrotik generally has a fairly small hold on the SOHO or even Prosumer market. They're not bad by any means. They're just very robust and feature-filled for the enterprise environment. Even seasoned network engineers tend to go through their trainings since it's that robust of a product. Best of luck!
  12. I suppose it depends on what "vacation" programming means to you... If you want to simulate being home....the above mockupancy functionality will accomplish that. If you want to automatically have things trigger when the house is empty, the IFTTT Geofence-Pushover combo will accomplish this if every member of the household has an iPhone or Android device. I presently use this and it's worked perfectly for almost a year now w/o issue and have triggers for things such as first arrival, any arrival and last departure.
  13. Not used this exact model from Global Cache (use a bunch of PoE Flex w/various attachments for Serial or IR (with up to 3 disparate blasters) and never had a single issue with them. They make good stuff and as @zaphod mentioned these sorts of products are a far cheaper solution that an EA-1.
  14. Have to wonder if this is in any way because of the weird or lack of communication at times and wishy-washy answers from last week's down time.
  15. It will need to be added in Composer Pro by a dealer. I just went through the same thing with @chopedogg88
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