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  1. Oh I get it....very understandable. And C4 is nowhere near the size of a company like Apple who can still get their products out but with only a delay of a month or so.
  2. Still crazy how long it's taking to get them. Understandable, but still crazy given it'll be almost a year after they were announced. Think I ordered mine last week of Nov last year. Hopefully by Christmas I'll have it 🤪
  3. Yeah...this is a huge issue overall with HE and C4 needs to get it addressed ASAP.
  4. So after all of this I'm thinking of going with these, since they're not much more than the Yamaha's I listed above and have backcans: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15699
  5. Understandable. Been trying to find good balance between lower-ish profile with backcan and price. So what would be the value in going with something like this: https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/203768-yamaha-ns-ic800wh-ceiling-speaker-system-pair, which I can get for well under $100/pair and just add insulation or a baffle behind compared to something like this https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/286694-yamaha-vxc5fw-45-full-range-ceiling-speaker-white which has a backcan, but will run me closer to $300/pair or this: https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/126649-bose-freespace-ds-100f-525-100w-ce
  6. Thanks for the advice/reminder. I haven't fully, but definitely am looking at what all the grilles look like to ensure it's nothing weird.
  7. Unfortunately they don't sell KEF
  8. They do: https://www.fullcompass.com/brand/cmm-community/ Big names of pro audio speakers they sell: Bose Pro, Community, Electro-voice, JBL Pro, TOA, Yamaha Pro (and consumer) I have noticed this quite a bit as well. Is there a reason why that would or wouldn't be a problem?
  9. This will be my first foray into whole home audio and I'm looking for a great bang for my buck. Only two locations presently will need to be foreground audio (living room where there is presently a soundbar) and Master BR where they will be used as L+R for TV audio but otherwise music. Ari is my rock star dealer so no other help is needed with amp/matrix programming--just speakers at this point. I have a unique relationship with Full Compass in which I can get any item at cost, so I'm looking for something that they sell, which is mostly pro lineups/commerical/70v instead of 8 ohm, but
  10. Which models do you have?
  11. Exactly this. You'll need to connect your UDMP to your modem and then hardwire your PC to the UDMP. Just set mine up about a month ago and switched from a CK Gen2+ Don't bother with the app (via WiFi or Bluetooth) as it just gets confused with your previous setup. So much easier to hardwire to set it up and define your WAN and LAN
  12. Gotcha...thanks for all the info. So if I need to go more than 8 zones with only one controller at this point is it going to be better to go with a AMS-24 and then add the 8 Zone amps as I need to expand out?
  13. So to clarify, if I'm going out from a controller and into "IN1" on the Episode Response but then also going out from "OUT1" to in to "IN1" on another Episode Response, there is a chance that signal won't be heard on any of the speakers outputs on the first Episode response because it's going to be "stolen" by the downstream Episode Amp?
  14. This is GREAT to hear! Was not aware of this and my dealer didn't have experience with it. Love how much this community helps out. Are you aware of way to daisy-chain or connect, say a 16 channel and 8 channel together? Or would both need their separate sets of inputs from C4 controllers and/or a devices like an Autonomic AU-MMS-3E or -5E?
  15. Thanks--didn't realize this at the time. This is good to hear and makes things easier!!!
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