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  1. Aha! Of course, Control4...... 🤦‍♂️ Thanks anyway 👍
  2. Quick idiots guide to doing this anyone? I have tried searching the forum 😬
  3. Hi Folks! I have an Nuvo Simplese in league with an HC-250 (last of the big spenders me! 😹) I'm using the Simplese - FREE driver, and notice that the loudness options for the outputs, are greyed out everywhere. By contrast, the Grand Concerto - FREE driver allows loudness to be enabled Did the Simplese ever have a loudness facility? Are there any ways of tricking the HC-250 into thinking it's talking to a Grand Concerto & not a Simplese? Any other ways of faking loudness? e.g. editing Simplese driver (he said like he's know how to ...🙄) Gracias!
  4. Gezza

    Volume increments

    I only have an HC-250 I'm afraid so of no use to you but mstafford388 may be back soon.............
  5. Gezza

    Volume increments

    That worked out nicely, thank you very much!
  6. Gezza

    Volume increments

    Thanks, I'll look into that 👍
  7. Gezza

    Volume increments

    Howdy folks! 👋 I'm using Android app version 2.10 with an HC-250. Volume control are in 1% increments. I get that for accuracy/control (although - does anyone care if the volume is 50%, 48% or 53%? 🙄) Takes forever to change though. Is there a way to change the increments to say 10%? 5%? A virtual dial? Entering a value directly e.g. 40? Thanks in advance
  8. That doesn't sound hopeful 🙃 Read few posts o hear about HDMI audio being responsible for latency; clearly not relevant in this case. Lest it's ever relevant for me; how is it switched on on an HC-250
  9. Bummer 🥴 And switching off HDMI audio of no help in this situation? (is that even possible with the HC-250? )
  10. Clear & concise! 👍 And I wouldn't be surprised if you then say; reconverts to analogue to send to audio out...... The big question; any there any ways of telling the controller to either bypass or speed up digitisation?
  11. Ok In simply terms: 1. Why? 2. Why so massive? 3. Are there any straightforward ways to rectify/compensate for it?
  12. Couldn't be simpler! (or so I thought 😒) Amplifier pre-amp out (RCA) --> Audio in HC-250 audio out --> Power sub (RCA) Delay/latency between amp (speakers) & sub is > 3 seconds. 😲 I've timed it (pause play & listen to sub still going). Zero delay with straightforward AV lead Why am I doing this? Want to be able to control sub volume from anywhere in the house........... Not using HC-250 HDMI out (hoped it might help............)
  13. Aha! thanks Sadly I thought you meant that was a Control4 setting 🥺
  14. Ok, actually followed my toes into the water and now up & running. My starting point is to use this as a way of controlling all my AV equipment remotely. Single room only at the moment. OS far, so good Trying to use the audio out from the HC-250 to supply a powered sub; if I'm upstairs and it's too much: turn it down, etc. etc. Delay, really nasty delay 3 - 4 seconds 😲 Literally (I've measured it) 🤮 What is that all about?
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