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  1. That doesn't sound hopeful 🙃 Read few posts o hear about HDMI audio being responsible for latency; clearly not relevant in this case. Lest it's ever relevant for me; how is it switched on on an HC-250
  2. Bummer 🥴 And switching off HDMI audio of no help in this situation? (is that even possible with the HC-250? )
  3. Clear & concise! 👍 And I wouldn't be surprised if you then say; reconverts to analogue to send to audio out...... The big question; any there any ways of telling the controller to either bypass or speed up digitisation?
  4. Ok In simply terms: 1. Why? 2. Why so massive? 3. Are there any straightforward ways to rectify/compensate for it?
  5. Couldn't be simpler! (or so I thought 😒) Amplifier pre-amp out (RCA) --> Audio in HC-250 audio out --> Power sub (RCA) Delay/latency between amp (speakers) & sub is > 3 seconds. 😲 I've timed it (pause play & listen to sub still going). Zero delay with straightforward AV lead Why am I doing this? Want to be able to control sub volume from anywhere in the house........... Not using HC-250 HDMI out (hoped it might help............)
  6. Aha! thanks Sadly I thought you meant that was a Control4 setting 🥺
  7. Ok, actually followed my toes into the water and now up & running. My starting point is to use this as a way of controlling all my AV equipment remotely. Single room only at the moment. OS far, so good Trying to use the audio out from the HC-250 to supply a powered sub; if I'm upstairs and it's too much: turn it down, etc. etc. Delay, really nasty delay 3 - 4 seconds 😲 Literally (I've measured it) 🤮 What is that all about?
  8. Hmm 🙋‍♂️, any chance of a screenshot of what that setting looks like? 🤓
  9. I'll go look there then 👍 Although - how do I work out who to trust with remote access to my router/home network? 🥺
  10. I'll go look there then 👍
  11. So, no dealer, no use
  12. Hi folks! Decided to put my toes in Control4 environment by getting a used HC-250 Got nothing else. Apart from Android app Is it going to be possible to get this up and running without some other outlay (licence/hardware)? 🧐 Had understood as I have a BL-1, licence stays with controller......
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