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  1. Hi all Does anyone know how C4 talks to Heatmiser for home thermostat control? I’m trying to understand the two way process between C4 and HM. Eg: If I set the C4 thermostat degrees and schedule, does it “override” what is set in the Heatmiser app? Or will the C4 “pull” the data from HM? Or, must I set both the schedule and the degrees for the thermostat in both HM and also in C4? Thanks.
  2. Amp replaced. All working OK now. No idea what the fault was, it was a brand new amp which packed up after 6 months of general home use. New one now installed and working.
  3. Moved ATV from rack, fitted behind the tv. 4K HDR (and Dolby Vision) works brilliantly! Image is ultra crisp, razor sharp. Pleased for now.
  4. Thanks all. I personally love the Apple UI, and the family are all comfortable using it. Android OS is ok, but I find the Apple to be faster to use and far easier to operate. Prior to starting this thread, I was not aware the HDR 4K is only supported unto 30Hz. I am glad I'm not the only one who feels this pain! Rather than splash out on a new AV receiver, I will do what most have suggested - connect the ATV 4K directly into the OLED TV, eliminating the matrix. Hopefully this will work without too many glitches. Its a big shame though, as that means moving the ATV box out of the current rack, fitting it somewhere nearer the tv - hopefully out of sight - and finding power and ethernet and HDMI cables to install neatly etc. Its just a hassle! EDIT - Can the Control4 SR260 remote still control and talk to the Apple TV, IF the ATV is not connected via ethernet cable - i.e. just Wifi? Also, if the Apple TV 4K is connected to the TV only, if I play Spotify thru the Apple TV, can I still output the music to the Control4 ceiling speakers?
  5. Thank you. However, my requirements are much simpler than that. I just need 4K HDR video from my Apple TV. I do not need any different audio options.
  6. Lots of stuff - such as Apple TV+, NBA, and Disney.
  7. Thanks all. I simply wanted one TV in the main family room to support the full 4K HDR experience. It seems as though now I might have to invest in a separate AV receiver in order to achieve this.
  8. Could I connect my Apple TV 4K directly into my TV via HDMI, enabling the 4K HDR content to work absolutely fine? If such is the case, having invested in C4, it is highly frustrating to learn it has this limitation....unless I am missing something. Thanks for the link, will check it out and get back to you.
  9. Whilst that resolution does work, the image when playing back content is visibly a lot darker, naturally. The optimal setting I've found is 1080p HDR 60Hz which although works great, it rather defeats the object of having a 4K OLED screen with 4K Apple TV, if Control4 doesn't support it. If that is definitively the case, I find that rather disappointing. Do you know if there are any plans for this to be supported in a future release? Thank you for all the replies so far, very helpful from all.
  10. Really?! Very surprised by that. What about HDR @ 50hz?
  11. That was my understanding, too. For the avoidance of doubt - my Apple TV4K IS - most certainly - connected to the Matrix. The Sony OLED TV also supports 4K. However, when I try to switch the Apple TV 4K to HDR 60 or 50 HZ (in the ATV menu under 'Settings'), it does not work and switches back to 1080. Hence my question - does C4 need something doing in order to support the HDR output? What is "zone lock" - can I do this, or is it a dealer configuration? Apologies if my question was not clear.
  12. EA5 Controller Apple TV 4K Sony AG8 OLED Matrix Switch UHD 6x6
  13. I have an EA5 controller and C4 Matrix.
  14. The Apple TV is connected via HDMI into C4; it is NOT connected directly to the television.
  15. I have a Sony AG8 OLED television, which supports a HDMI signal of 24, 50, and 60 Hz. However, I cannot switch my Apple TV 4K to the HDR setting for 50 or 60 Hz. It does, however, seem to work at 24Hz, but the image looks quite poor, as expected. Does C4 allow the signal from the Apple TV 4K to output at the higher resolution? I'm certain this used to work, but ever since my last system reboot, the Apple TV 4K no longer outputs at the higher resolution on the Sony TV. Any suggestions?
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