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  1. @DLite I switched to your way, using the numeric variable, and things work flawlessly. It was way simpler and more elegant than all of my "ifs" and "ors." Count goes up when things open, down when they close, opening starts the timer, HVAC goes off when it expires, timer stops when everything is closed and HVAC goes back to auto. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, DLite. It sounds like we're doing similar things. I appreciate the response. That is really helpful.
  3. My goal is to make it so that if a window or door is opened for longer than 5 minutes that the HVAC goes to off and then when everything is closed the HVAC goes back to auto. Here's what I did: When the window opens set the "window open" variable to true. When the "window open" variable changes if it is true then start the "window open" timer, otherwise set HVAC to auto When the "window open" timer expires, if window 1 is open, or if window 2 is open or if window 3 is open etc. set HVAC to off, otherwise stop the "window open" timer This seems to work most of the time but there are some situations where it doesn't. For what it's worth, this seems to work well downstairs where the HVAC is a Nest but upstairs where I have an Ecobee it seems little inconsistent. Has anyone else come up with a better way to implement something like this? Do you see any obvious issues with what I've done? Thanks for the help.
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