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  1. One question reg. BlueIris: Is it possible to combine several cameras into one stream and stream that to a target?
  2. The quality factors works in conjunction with a filter you set. For instance you set a filter around 1000Hz to lower 3db. Filters never work specifically just to the frequency you set, but also on an area around that frequency. With the corresponding q-factor, you adjust how broad around the 1000Hz the filter works. A high number on the q-factor means a narrow filter, a low number means a broader filter. In general, when i try to tackle a sound problem like described, i´d always do a measurement to see where the problem is. Then i set a specific filter exactly to fix the issue. I can image it´s pretty hard to try it the way you described and as it works with C4. We´re always using external DSPs for sound optimization, so unfortunately, i can´t help you on your specific problem...
  3. What do you want to achieve exactly? Usually, you use an EQ to adjust towards a target curve. This target curve is the outcome of a measurement of the room response. So actually, you know upfront what frequency range you want to adjust to what level and that´s it. No need to run through a lot of settings. Quality factor: In easy words, it´s the width of the filter you´re applying.
  4. Sounds like a housewife is getting impatient over a huge hole in the wall. 😆
  5. And if you look for some strips with pigtails attached, it doesn´t even require soldering.
  6. When selling a house, you don´t sell a long list of pieces, you sell the whole thing. If you can sell it without your automation system depends on how it was designed. If the basic functionality is self-sufficient (e.g. based on a bus-system) and the home automation is designed on top of it for the comfort functionality, then it should be possible to sell without the automation system (or at least ask the buyer what he prefers). If it´s all tied together, then the automation system is part of the house and taking it out would reduce the value of the whole house much more than just the value of the automation hardware, because that would leave the house disfunctional.
  7. In my opinion, it always comes done to the same assessment: If you´ve more time than money, then go for open-source/DIY, if it´s the other way round, go for an integrator. If, at the bottom of your heart, you´re actually a DIYler and actually want to play with the latest and greatest stuff yourself, then you´ll never be happy to pay somebody else to do that for you. But if you´re just rational about getting specific functionality without being interested how it is delivered, then let somebody else do it for you. In my opinion, it´s not about the pros and cons of system A or B, it´s more about your personal attitude towards DIY.
  8. Hi, how can i check if it works together with a given AVR/PrePro? We´re using mainly Trinnov Altitude PrePros in our installations. Would it be possible to toggle through upmixer selection toggle through remapper mode select presets (max. 29 to chose from) ?
  9. I totally understand that. Hard to assess as a layman what can be easily fixed afterwards and what not. So i´d ask your installer what´s his recommendation to fix the issue.
  10. Not sure if i understand correctly, but it works the other way round for this setup: you inject multiple sources into the tiler (what you fed into your multiple TVs before) and the tiler creates a combined video stream out of that that is sent to the projector. I don´t think there´s a nice solution for this. Since you´re limited in the available space (width) of the installation, and screen height and width are tight to each other because of the standard aspect ratio of 16:9, the smaller the width gets, the smaller the height as well. To be honest, i´d let your installer fix the inwall speaker position even if it means to open up the wall again. Were they specified to be installed wider and he installed against that specification?
  11. My point is just that your statement was a bit to general IMHO, suggesting that RTI is technically not able to be updated remotely - which is not the case. Technically it is, but you don´t do it because of personal bad experience. That´s a different message IMHO. And of course i´m totally fine with that. And let me add this: i also find the remote update and management functionality of C4 superior to both Crestron and RTI.
  12. OK, fair enough. But then it´s not a limitation of the system.
  13. Why that? I´m doing all of my Crestron/RTI-installations remotely. On-site visit only for hardware installation.
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