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  1. Does C4 work/intergrate well with Unifi cameras?
  2. Can get brand new EA3, remote w/ charging station for about $1,250. Fair price? Thanks.
  3. Yes I am. Hey!! lol. Yes I cant get good pricing on all Lutron/Leviton/P&S devices and equipment.
  4. Wow.. less expensive at $95? Geez. I was willing to pay about $70 and thought that was a little on the higher end. I'd have to buy these for every room I want to control the lights correct? Thank you
  5. Understood and makes sense. My budget is on the lower end than most C4 I'm sure. Can I find an expert on this forum to hire? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for advice. Yes wiring in ceiling speakers in LR, DR, KIT, and one room upstairs.
  7. understood. what do you mean by reduce number of switches ? wall switches or some other switch? btw...if I install/wire my c4 switches and don't have my system complete/tied into controller yet can I still trump lights off/on at the switch? TY Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. So I'm doing all my pre-wiring this weekend. I'll be pre-wiring for the following. 1. Security cameras 2. Video Distribution. 3. Shades 4. Wires to my demarc location( also for future outdoor stuff). 5. WAP's Questions as I'd like to start buying stuff. 1. Want to buy my smart switches- Any consensus on the best that are more on the budget friendly side ~$50 switch. 2. What head end equipment will I need( patch panel etc.) 3. What are my option for my audio control and where my speaker wires land? Thanks you very much.
  9. Truly appreciate the feedback. This forum alone is enough to make me a C4 user. Think I'll go with the EA3. Any other eye popping limitations?
  10. I actually completely forgot I created that. My apologies.
  11. When you say audio feeds, do you mean zones or music sources/services? Zigbee? They work with C4? Items on project do you mean number of smart switches etc.?
  12. What determines whether I need EA3or5?
  13. well I think I'll go control4.😁 what light switches can I use? I'm I locked in to only one type or can I use Lutron Casey's etc ? thanks
  14. guys I mean $2k just for control4 controller and programing. switches, cameras, cables etc. separate.
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