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  1. Hi Alan, do you know if and how to set a line crossing on/off in chowmein/C4?

  2. Hi team C4, Need some guidance re a couple of things in my new setup. i need a night/day time camera setup That could identify movement and trigger an alarm with backup that can be accessed online. Hikvision cameras and NVR but what model? On the alarm system should I go for texacom premier elite or something else? Does it integrate easily with C4 with full functionality? using mainly wireless systems so need to set up a WiFi mess system - what should I be looking at? Pakedge or araknis? Which is better and why? To link up with C4 probably need EA3 but I plan to add music and video a bit later. Is this enough or should I invest upfront into something different. any other comments or products that you believe might be appropriate would be welcomed. thanks renier
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