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  1. Coming backon this, as my current provider is tooooooo sloooooowwwww to answer anything. But where can I change the login/password for My Music? It is my daughther birthdate today, and music is absolutely required! Thank you
  2. From what I can understand, you’re using a DLNA server to stream music to your C4 controller. Not bad either, but did you programmed it on the C4 side??? I have a synology and they probably have similar things available.
  3. Hi all, Last summer, I had my dealer add my NAS to my C4 system. Recently I decided to rebuild my NAS, and recreated the user that was linked to my C4 system for music syncing. But, I may have miswritten the username/password as the C4 is no longer seeing the music library. I kept, obviously, the same IP address for the NAS. I've been looking in Controller HE to see where is configured the NAS IP and credentials, but cannot find it anywhere. Is it because I'm not looking at the right place or it is dealer exclusive? Thank you
  4. Oh, thank you for the tips. I would not have though about the door driver, as I would have imagine they were controlled by the panel itself, or per say, the panel would send its alerts to the C4 system. But in a way, that makes sense. It is the same for the movement detectors?
  5. Hi all, I finally get my new Alarm system installed back in September, the Qolsys one, and I've been very happy with it so far. Next step would be to add it to my C4 system. I also got from my dealer the Controller HE software since then, and I've been exploring it since November. If I want to add the alarm panel to C4, is it something I can do myself using the Controller, or I need my dealer to do so? Thank you
  6. Cool, I’ll keep that in mind as this URL may become quite useful. Thank you
  7. I wasn’t sure it was a good thing to upgrade the alarm panel, but based on your comments I really sounds like it was a wise choice... and integration sounds way simpler than wiring a serial cable to the C4 controller. I’m asking myself if integration requires a minimum OS version on the C4 side, as my controller is only on OS2 and cannot be upgraded to OS3. Where can we find such information?
  8. Great to know. It looks like it’s even simpler with this panel than it would be for the current one I have. I think they Include the Alarm.com online service, but once I have it integrated I’ll see if it is still required and I could pay for C4 InSight instead. Thank you guys
  9. Finally when I contacted the alarm company to get connected, they told me they will upgrade my system with new hardware. In the contract, it is said to include the following: QOLSYS IQ2+ 319MHZ and POWERG and a few items such as door detectors etc. a quick search on the Internet shows this https://qolsys.com/iq-panel-2-plus/ I do not know if that can be integrated with the Control4 home automation, but I know the new system will include remote access with a phone application. That’s already a good thing. They offered also door bell camera, but it was also a monthly $10 additional fee on the monthly charges. I declined that, will probably go with a camera connected to Control4 only...
  10. Ooohhh damn, I’m disappointed in me... I found the source of my problem, and it had nothing to do with the C4 controlled switch, is it purely electrical... The switch in the entrance hall is not even connected anymore to the porch light. It is only controlled via the C4 system wirelessly (via probably the switch that is in the living room). My guess, after I looked back at the system, is that before the C4 home automation system, the entrance switch, the living room switch and a third one located in the baseman (that I forgot as I never used it personally) were probably connected in a 4 way scenario. When they installed the C4 switch in the entrance, they bypassed the 4 way switch there, but did not rearranged the switches in the baseman and living room in 3 way. The problem lies in the fact that the baseman switch cut the circuit completely if down. The kids probably switched it off while I was playing with the app at the same time, making me think it was my doing something wrong. It never was... Thank you for the time you took to answer, and sorry for having headed the wrong way and using the forum with something that was totally unrelated... Thank you again.
  11. Yea I realized I was investigating it as a single switched light, but it is a 3 way minimum, I have another Control4 switch in the living room controlling that light. I also have a standard switch in the basement that I do not know what it’s used for, but since the lights don’t light up, it may be a 4 way controlled light... I’ll investigate that tomorrow!!!
  12. I forgot to mention but it is a 3 way switch to the porche light, and standard for the exterior lights. It sure worked when we entered in the house. I remember playing with the iPhone app to adjust the light levels and it buzzed a bit. That’s why I’m not sure if it is related and if it could have burned the circuit in the switch. But on the other side, if I want to control the lights from the switch, normally the switch needs to be in the middle of the black circuit to activate/deactivate the circuit. I don’t see that anywhere. And the circuit for the exterior lights cannot be the same as the one of the porche. I’m really puzzled...
  13. Hello, I have a C4 light switches that is behaving abnormally. The switch has a 4 controls programmed on it. Two are programmed (top and bottom) to a scene and work fine. The one at the 3rth position is for the exterior lights and also works just fine. The one that is bugging me in the one name “Entrée” (means porche in French, that the second one). When we took possession of the house, everything worked just fine. Then, the porche light stopped working, just after I played with the poche lights with the C4 app on my phone. I was under the impression it was related to the porche lamps having burned bulbs, but nope. Today I decided to dismantle the poche lamp fixture and installed a simple white bulb holder to make sure the issue was not the sophisticated fixture. But again, it proved to be wrong, and the problem is elsewhere. The bulbs are OK, by the way, tested in another fixture. So I looked into the wiring behind the switch. I’ve attach a few pictures of what I have there. My investigation showed that I have continuity between the white wires and the and the lamp, and the black (hot) wire on the far right of the switch box. What surprises me is that the black wires going to the lamp is not even connected to the switch, so I wonder how it ever worked before. The yellow wire of the switch is also not connected to anything. I wonder if it is possible the yellow should be connected to the black wires that goes to the lamp fixture. But I’m hesitant to plugged it as I do not want to burn anything... What I find strange is that the yellow has a white cap on it, like to prevent it from doing any contact with another wire. The black cable going to the light had a wire cap on it too... Anyone can help me figure out and should be the proper wiring? How to I know what the yellow cable is programmed to do for one thing? Is it possible that the switch went crazy and burned a circuitry in it? But again, I do not understand how no wires from the switch are connected to the hot wire of the lamp... From my understanding so far, I see this: - A black (hot) wire is going to the switch to give it power - the whites cables are all connected together with the switch white cable to give the neutral - the red wire of the switch is connected to a bunch of black wires, probably going to the exteriors lamps (there is 3 outside lamps and 3 black wires, so it make sense so far) - The yellow from the switch is disconnected - the black wires of the porche lamp is connected to another black cable that may comes from the breaker box, not sure, but not connected to the switch for sure NOTE: I did not change any wires in the lamp box or the switch box, it was that way. Not sure if the yellow has to do something with it, but it’s wiring it is very strange... I was investigating to find a bad contact somewhere, but no contact from the yellow to the hot wire of the lamp intrigue me. Not sure it is related, but that’s the best guess I have right now... I’ve included a few pictures to help you guys.
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