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  1. This isn't really a C4 question as much as a general automation question but I am hoping you guys can help. I would like to have the neighborhood gate open when entering the neighborhood like our home gate and garages open when entering the driveway. I am not sure this is even possible since I don't have access to the actual neighborhood gate opener machine. However, I was thinking if I could find a universal garage door opener that could record the signal that the neighborhood gate remote sends, then I could use IFTTT/Geofencing to send the command when entering the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any devices that will accomplish this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Something basic but useful for my life. There are times where I want to get up around 3AM but the wife does not have any interest in that. I created a wake mode that turns my fan (there is a direct air outlet/fan on each side of the bed - wife didn't want a ceiling fan in that room) on and off until I wake up. This doesn't wake her up but the change in air flow multiple times will wake me up. The wake process will go on for around 5 minutes and is stopped when it detects motion in the master bathroom (where I first go when I get up). If it goes over 5 minutes without being stopped, it will send an announcement and toggle the lights in the room (where I don't sleep through it). I have used it the last couple of morning and it worked great.
  3. Agreed, but only if the user actually changes the thermostat when the temperature needs adjusting. We have zones that are occupied by users that don't/can't change the thermostat when needed and other zones that are intermittently used so we have run into some issues. I am hoping that I will be able to address this with my logic but we can always turn their auto mode back on if it doesn't work out. We will see...
  4. Thanks to you both for the ideas and insight. The nests definitely have an auto mode but I think I can do better with my own logic in composer. It learns when it is adjusted and it isn't always adjusted when it should (e.g. one of my daughters tells me they were cold last night and they didn't change the thermostat). Also, we currently have 6 Nests thermostats so I find it easier to make those changes in 1 place (Composer). I am currently doing the checks/changes via the scheduler as you recommended. Good idea. However, I believe that issue with the fire bowl has been resolved yesterday so I shouldn't have to do anything - we will see though. I mainly wanted to see if I could use a repeating timer in that way and you guys answered that. Thanks again for your time.
  5. What had me consider a repeating timer for checking things like this was a situation with our fire bowls. They are scheduled to come on before dark and about half the time only one would come. We would manually turn them off, wait a bit and turn them back on and both would usually work then. I was going to put temperature monitors near the flame of the fire bowls (under the fire bowl rocks) and periodically check if they were lit that way. If one was lit and not the other, turn them off, wait 3 minutes, then start them back up. Obviously, this check wouldn't require a 1 minute interval (and the fire bowl situation should be fixed this week) but it made me curious if this was a feasible way to check things. Another example would be taking over the AC/Heat logic from the Nest units. There needs to be periodic checks for room temps to decide if it needs to be cool mode or heat mode etc.
  6. I am guessing this is a bad idea but thought I would ask. I was considering having a repeating timer that checks different things . I am assuming this would put a major burden on the system. Is that correct? If so, what would you guys consider a reasonable interval to run periodic checks on things?
  7. I am having the same issue since last week but have noticed that when I go through the reconnect process, it usually will work for 1 command and will immediately stop after that. I wonder if a security update etc. is seeing it as a threat and stopping things after that action has completed.
  8. Does the notification history on the customer portal work for anyone? It shows nothing for me at all.
  9. My wife is noticing, at night and early morning, a white light coming on that appears to be between the Up/Down buttons on the keypad in our bedroom. She is noticing it at night (before we implement the good night scene) and early morning when we are watching TV. I don't really notice it because of the angle of the keypad from my side of the bed. I have looked through the logs and have not been able to find any activity that would explain this. Do you guys have any ideas?
  10. Has anybody been able to get a patch for this? We just added a few speakers and I attempted to add them to the announcements. After that, none of the announcements work and I am unable to add the files etc.
  11. Has anybody been able to get this to work? I was hoping to change the doorbell sound to Christmas themed.
  12. I created a playlist on Spotify, saved it as a favorite from my phone/account, and call it through composer actions (Room --> Select Media --> Broadcast Audio). The music plays but it is playing from my wife's account. The problem is that she is working out and isn't wanting to listen to Christmas music and Spotify will only allow 1 stream per account. We have a family plan with Spotify and other accounts that we can use to prevent this but I can't seem to find how to change the connected user for the Spotify Connect driver. Any ideas?
  13. Do you guys know of any speakers that are relatively small that can fully integrate with C4. My dealer recommended Sonos for announcements but mentioned that it would be unable to play house music etc. I would like to add speakers in 3-4 rooms that function like the current ceiling speakers in the rest of the house. We have 7 Alexa dots throughout and would have loved for those to work but, from what I have read here, it seems like those will not work for C4 announcements and music. Thanks in advance for your time.
  14. Does anybody have an update on this? We have a new construction home that we just moved in to and my dealer is telling me that you can't start the ovens and dishwashers (Cove) via Control4. I have Composer HE and it doesn't seem to be an option but I hope we are just missing it.
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