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  1. Does the notification history on the customer portal work for anyone? It shows nothing for me at all.
  2. My wife is noticing, at night and early morning, a white light coming on that appears to be between the Up/Down buttons on the keypad in our bedroom. She is noticing it at night (before we implement the good night scene) and early morning when we are watching TV. I don't really notice it because of the angle of the keypad from my side of the bed. I have looked through the logs and have not been able to find any activity that would explain this. Do you guys have any ideas?
  3. Has anybody been able to get a patch for this? We just added a few speakers and I attempted to add them to the announcements. After that, none of the announcements work and I am unable to add the files etc.
  4. Has anybody been able to get this to work? I was hoping to change the doorbell sound to Christmas themed.
  5. I created a playlist on Spotify, saved it as a favorite from my phone/account, and call it through composer actions (Room --> Select Media --> Broadcast Audio). The music plays but it is playing from my wife's account. The problem is that she is working out and isn't wanting to listen to Christmas music and Spotify will only allow 1 stream per account. We have a family plan with Spotify and other accounts that we can use to prevent this but I can't seem to find how to change the connected user for the Spotify Connect driver. Any ideas?
  6. Do you guys know of any speakers that are relatively small that can fully integrate with C4. My dealer recommended Sonos for announcements but mentioned that it would be unable to play house music etc. I would like to add speakers in 3-4 rooms that function like the current ceiling speakers in the rest of the house. We have 7 Alexa dots throughout and would have loved for those to work but, from what I have read here, it seems like those will not work for C4 announcements and music. Thanks in advance for your time.
  7. Does anybody have an update on this? We have a new construction home that we just moved in to and my dealer is telling me that you can't start the ovens and dishwashers (Cove) via Control4. I have Composer HE and it doesn't seem to be an option but I hope we are just missing it.
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