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  1. Thanks. Do you use the Chowmain driver? Probably a naive question, but does the driver license cover the whole project or is pricing "per device" (ie., per Intesis box)? From reading the driver notes, it looks like you need one Intesis box per zone-- is that right?
  2. Hello all. Our project will have about 18 HVAC zones from 5 mini-split compressors. The system designer has proposed Mitsubishi, but the contractor likes LG. Neither has much automation experience. Does anyone know whether Mitsubishi or LG (or other brand) is significantly better/easier cheaper to interface with Control4 (on an end-to-end basis-- including all required accessories, bridges, drivers, etc.)? I see that a lot of people recommend Intesis boxes with Chowmain driver. Others have mentioned IFTTT options. I was dreaming about a manufacture-sponsored native IP driver-- but I'm not seeing any vendors referencing that. Anyway, shot in the dark, but thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  3. Cyknight: I get it. Only looking for cool/wow factor, TBH. 😉 I was just curious if there were existing drivers the would help implement this. Not something I would likely do from scratch.
  4. Hello all. Our new home will have a lot of glass, with roller shades on every window. I'm intrigued by the Lutron Hyperion system (for office buildings) that takes the sun's position into account (I think via celestial calculations and not light sensors) and adjusts shade position to avoid harsh direct sunshine as the day progresses. Seems pretty cool. Are there Control4 solutions that can replicate this? Info on the Lutron system: https://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocumentLibrary/367-1626.pdf
  5. I also just spec'ed a Town & Country TC54 fireplace and am now worried about the integration if the included module does not work as advertised. Anyone get this going?
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