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  1. @nerddude do the right thing, just refund my money like I've asked multiple times.
  2. @nerddude and I agreed to this sale on Monday. I paid on Tuesday. Check your messages please, just want confirmation that you shipped this or will be shipping soon.
  3. Is the Triad 24x24 audio matrix still available? Sent you a PM.
  4. @gregheard Thanks for posting those videos... still working my way through the pieces of the long one, but the level of detail is very helpful. I'm familiar with Tym Homes, I've watched a few of their videos to get an idea of what I'm getting in to with C4/Crestron/Savant. It helps explain the theory behind panelized/centralized lighting but it seems like a lot of extra work if you already have rough-in electric done, this would need to be done before that phase. Also, unsure of how high on the WAF the 6 buttons would be.
  5. Thank you all very much, I have a lot to consider. I'm still not completely sure on how the lighting system works, I had figured they were unique switches in a sense that they are similar to the GE z-wave ones that work with Smartthings. I tried to do some research on the panelized lighting but don't fully grasp the point of it. Either way, it is probably a moot point because the rough-in electric will be done shortly and there is no way to change it without a major backup. I plan to run smurf-tube/conduit to all the main points; basement to main TV in family room, basement to attic, cuz ya never know! That's what I did in my current house, my 44U rack sits in the basement with 2 24-port patch panels, 48 port POE switch, USG Router, Modem, Logitech Harmony Hub, Smartthings hub, Switched PDU, 3 cable STBs, bunch of Sonos AMPS, Sonos connect, 2 AVRs, and my homemade Server running UnRaid (holds ~30TB of movies/TV shows) as well as a host of other applications/VMs/Dockers. Plus 2 UPS units at the bottom. The new one will sit in a very large storage area so I'm not over concerned about extra ventilation. Just so I'm clear on the music streaming, if I were to just have an EA-5, I could have multiple Spotify streams in multiple zones throughout the house? I currently have about 7 Sonos zones in my house and can have a different song playing in each. The likelihood of this ever happening is damn near 0, but I just want to understand the limitations. Unfortunately this may be all for naught, we had a very big hiccup in the deal so it may not ever become a reality. I knew that the second I made this post, something would go wrong.... I have a tendency to get ahead of myself at times! Thank you all very much for your help thus far!
  6. Thanks for the tips, I was contemplating the video matrix, and was unsure if I really need one. You bring up a great point about cost of not getting the matrix and just using the local device, i.e. Cable STB and nVidia shield (hardwired) at each location. As for the family room AVR, it will be in the rack along with the Cable STB, AppleTV4k, nVidia shield, so it would be a short HDMI run. I'll look in to the RadioRa2. For some reason I have it in my head that I need to buy the C4 lighting switches for it to work properly. The only reason I say I want the Neeo, I currently use the Logitech Harmony Elite in the family room and wanted something similar. Way back before they got purchased by C4, I was debating on getting in on their kickstarter.
  7. Good afternoon, I am looking at a house that is currently being build as our new main residence, i.e. still time to run all cabling. I am a techno-nerd, started dabbling in home auto-mation with Smartthings back in 2013, but now want to jump to the big leagues. I spoke with a rep from C4 Corporate out in Salt Lake just to go preliminary needs and see if Control4 would be right for my family. The house is 2 main living levels + full basement (will not be finished off right away) plus a playroom in the attic area (again, will not be finished right away). I've planned out my network requirements already; I ran about 2 miles of Cat6a in my current home to get proper wifi and network performance for all streaming devices etc etc. I am a big believer of hardwiring a device that doesn't move, leaving wifi for phones/laptops/tablets. My plan is to do the same in this house. Everything will be homerun to the rack in the basement storage area. Which now begs the question; what hardware am I looking at here? Here is some practical information for you experts: Multi-zone audio: 8-10 zones of audio (each zone may have 2-8 in-ceiling speakers). I'm thinking audio matrix, C4-16ZAMSV3-B, combined with external/"dumb" amps. The main/pretty much the ONLY source of audio is Spotify. Here are the zones I've thought of: Family Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Area, Dining Room, Master bedroom, Master bathroom, Guest bath 1, Guest bath 2, Playroom, Outdoor (possibly split in to 2 zones) Audio/Video: Family room has 5.1 setup Denon AVR w/ Klipsch speakers + sub. The AVR will be in the network rack in the basement with the rest of the gear. Currently our only sources are Cable STB and Apple TV but I'm thinking I may swap in the nVidia Shield, they are amazing, however we are an all Apple family, so working within one ecosystem has been a breeze. Would love to have the Neeo remote here. Bedrooms (4 total) will have a TV with Cable STB as the only sources. Unsure on brand of TVs or if each room will get a TV, but I will plan to pre-wire for them anyway. The Master Bedroom will definitely have a TV with STB and possibly nVidia Shield. Basement will house pseudo-man cave, this will have it’s own Projector/AVR/Speakers etc… no need to tie that in just yet. It will use the equipment in my current house, but wont do much with it until we decide to finish it off. Lighting: Ability to control all light switches and dimmers throughout the house. By my count from the blueprints, about 30 2-way switches and 15-20 3-way switches. Shades: Ability to control some shades/blinds if we decide to used motorized shades/blinds. I have them in the master bedroom at my current house, dual-roller and motorized, the rear roller is blackout with the front roller is light filtering and I gotta tell ya, they are awesome. Security: Control locks for exterior doors, most likely 2-3 doors (there are sliders on the deck, not sure how they could be locked remotely). I'm assuming they would use keypads for all. I'd like to have the Doorstation for front/main entrance. I've never had this functionality before, so I'm curious about people's experience with them. Both my parents and my wife's parents have the Ring Doorbell which I really like the idea of, but hate the product itself. Climate: Control 2 zones of air conditioning. We currently use 2 nest thermostats but I really don't like them. Just want to be able to control the thermostat remotely when needed. Ideally all of these features would be controlled via C4 App on our iPhones, Neeo remote, and T-3 Wall display if I decide they are worth it. So this is what I'm currently thinking in terms of Control4 hardware, most of it makes sense to me, but not sure which controller I need: (1) C4-WMB-B Wireless Music Bridge (1) C4-16ZAMSV3-B (x) Amps to satisfy the number of speakers/zones. Probably Russound or Niles, I've used them in the past and like their price-point. (1) C4-LU642D 4K Matrix Switch w Audio Downmixing + the HDBT receivers in the bedrooms. (1) C4-EA5 ?? No idea which controller I need. The rep from C4 corporate kept telling me it depends on the number of "streams" I want. I know what streaming is, but have no idea what it means in this context. My wife and I are going to be the ones streaming music from Spotify to the various zones in the house. Or we'd use the T3 wall display if we are hosting a party so people can use it too. So happy I found this forum, it's been an excellent resource so far. Thanks in advance!! EDIT: I came across this guide and found it to be very helpful, but can't understand the need for extra controllers for the "Medium" and "Large" Residential A/V Solutions. So I was working off of the "Small Residential A/V Solution" on Pages 6 and 7. https://aplusautomation.com/pdf/Entertainment_solutions_guide.pdf
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