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  1. Thank you Andy, I just replied the private message. BTW, do you know some tip to have a better response (wake up) of the Shelly Door/Window2 in control4 ??
  2. Hi @alanchow! I´m testing the Shelly suite driver for C4. So far, I´ve tested Shelly Dimmer, Light Shelly 1 and Shelly door/window2 To turn light on and off, works very well with both boxes. For dimming, from the any navigator, works flawless, but when I want to do a dimming with advanced lighting, it doesn´t work, just turn on and off, but no dimming. Is missing some setup?? Regarding the Shelly door/window2, the sleepy/wake up mode, is very slowly. Is there some way to make work better in this sense? In my desk is waiting the Shelly2.5 to try with 2 lights circuits and maybe with blinds also, but I wolud like to fnish the dimming and door opening test, If everything works as expected, probably I´ll use shelly for 40 or 50 lights circuits and 10-15 windows/doors. I hope you can help a little with these issues. Thank´s
  3. I was not pretending to generate this discussion. I just wanted to contact with experts like you, specially because for some reason the search machine in C4 dealers site was not working. I apologize if my dumb question (and valid for me) created some disconfort with some of you. Anyway, I appreciate your replies. thank you @msgreenf regards
  4. That´s correct. I´m in still in training. I understand your comments. Thank you.
  5. Hi guys, I just received a sonos one as a gift. and now I want to integrate it to Control4. I just added using SDDP, but IDK how to do the sonos one appear as option (music or listen) in the room. Do you know of some guide to do it? Thnk´s
  6. It´s already done and doesn´t work. Thank´s-
  7. Hi guys, some of you have installed sensibo hardware & driver' I just installed and works very well. The problem: I installed in room A, make it visble in navigators, and refresh navigators, but doesn´t appear in the room A. I did the same in room B, and in the room B appears as expected. I really need this appear in room A since is where the AC is installed. @alanchow do you know if am I doing something wrong? Thank´s
  8. I just installed one HS220. I can l turn ight on/off thrue C4, but dimming is not enable. I follow the installation guide. Unistalled and install again the driver but doesn´t work. Any additional consideration to take in account?
  9. Yes! That´s the way! I tried first with Netflix and did´nt work. Tried with Roku and works perfect! Do you know why this? And why doesnt work if I tried directly with Roku and not the room? Thank you msgreenf and mujatba
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