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  1. I just installed one HS220. I can l turn ight on/off thrue C4, but dimming is not enable. I follow the installation guide. Unistalled and install again the driver but doesn´t work. Any additional consideration to take in account?
  2. Yes! That´s the way! I tried first with Netflix and did´nt work. Tried with Roku and works perfect! Do you know why this? And why doesnt work if I tried directly with Roku and not the room? Thank you msgreenf and mujatba
  3. Mujatba, I already tried with passthrough mode ona and off, same behavior. I will follow your idea. Come back later
  4. Hi guys, first at all, happy and successful new year!! Now, my situation.... I´m trying to make a scene using Netflix/Prive Viedo (Roku 4k). The idea is when I press play button (NEEO, iPhone), turn off lights in the room, when I press pause or stop, turn them on. But despite I´ve done the same for others player like oppo, I just can´t make it works. When I press play, the movie starts playing, when I press pause/stop, the movie stops. I also use roku player to select the commands, but neither works. Find attached the programming (very simple) am I doing somethin
  5. Congratulations! I´ve completed the Associate Installer and the Centralized Lighting. Hoping ta have de opportunity to assist to Automation Installer (here in Mexico must be presencial) and like you, saving for the networking
  6. Your answers are very helpful, thank you very much guys. I hope find you here frequently.
  7. Wow man! I really appreciate the time you spend to reply my question. I don’t really want to know the questions and replies for the test. I just want to know the agenda of topics included in the training. I’ve worked in IT for 28 years and I some knowledge of networking, OS, hardware, programming, etc. So I feel confident the training won’t be a big problem. I’m just curious to know the topics. Examples: Curtain control is included? Practice with Pakedge networking? Centralized lighting? AV Matrix? Surveillance? Practice some kind of physical connections? Just composer? And so on... If possibl
  8. Congrats nwanerka!! can you share the course agenda? I would like to know what kind of activities are included. Thank´s!
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