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  1. Hey there, trying to integrate a brand new C4 system with my full insteon home - we have existing keypads, dimmers, switches, fanlincs, and a few old icon dimmers/switches. Though most of our equipment is newer (in the last 1-2 years) Having trouble with the PowerLinc Serial Modem driver just controlling a single scene. We setup scenes 1-3. It will send one successful command but after that everything stops working, I have to unplug the 2413S modem and wait 30s, plug it back in, and try again to send another scene. My integrator told me he's getting an 'error synchronizing ALDB' after we try to send the second scene command. Your quote above talks about the scene driver and the dimmer driver only. Should I avoid the powerlinc serial modem driver? We are running the latest version Thanks, Ryan
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