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  1. How did you get on? Similar question: I've got Daikin units in 4 rooms currently each with their own wired wall mounted controller. I also think the thermostat is in the controller? I've got Evohome HR92 thermostatic valves on the radiators in each room too. Would you suggest hooking the aircon into Cool Master, removing the wall controllers and I guess relying on the sensors of the HR92? Will I gain or loose any features? I've noticed that currently the Daikin units don't shut off automatically when they cool the air to the setpoint. Is that something Cool Master/Control
  2. Thanks very much for the guidance above. My 4Sight trial expired. If I subscribe on at https://customer.control4.com/4sight will I then find a download for Composer HE somewhere in my account pages or does my dealer need to be part of the process in some way?
  3. Indeed. Being able to voice command my ceiling speakers to play BBC radio was my main reason for installing them. I'm very frustrated that it doesn't work. What is your workaround @Kaz.....? Any suggestions from others, please?
  4. I tried to post on the forum a while ago but kept getting 500 errors. I then saw that they did submit and created duplicate threads in the Q&A forum (sorry). When I click on those or the latest threads by other people such as "Network Design for a Flat addressing" it didn't and still doesn't open. Instead get this error message: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 I tried sending direct messages using the contact form to explain the issues but got no response. I couldn't find an email address ot use instead. Wha
  5. Hello I'd be really grateful for any clarity you can provide on these questions. I am an IT professional so bits of code and tech don't phase me How useful is Composer HE now we have When >> Then? What features does each have that the other doesn't? What could I do/not do with each? Is it worth having both or else which one? James
  6. When I say "Alexa play BBC Radio 4" it starts playing BBC Radio 4 on itself. When I say "Alexa play BBC Radio 4 on the bedroom speaker" it starts playing S4 Radio on the bedroom speaker. She says "S4 Radio from James's TuneIn Playing on bedroom. Sometimes she says BBC Cyrmu 2 playing on bedroom. I can also play BBC World News I can't play BBC Radio 1,2,3,4,5,6.
  7. I've got C4 and Heos amps powering ceiling speakers. I've got Echos and 4Sight. I can't make BBC radio stations (Radio4 specifically) play on the speakers by asking Alexa. Other stations are ok. I know BBC pulled their stations from Tunein However somehow I can use the C4 or Heos apps to use Tunein to play Radio4 on the ceiling speaker!? I can also ask Alexa to play Radio4 and she will do so herself using BBC Sounds. But I can't ask Alexa to play Radio4 and other BBC stations on the ceiling speakers. When I try, presumably due to the restriction she instead plays the
  8. We've noticed that the picture captured when our Doorbird's button is pushed, often show the callers backs or turning away. I've timed it myself and found there can be a 0 to 2 second delay between pressing the button and the photo being taken? Is this common? Is there a fix? I'd have expected it to be instant or even captured from just before the button press. People are also often silhouetted. There is some bright sky visible. Is there any way to mitigate this? It's not turned on right now but we noticed the motion detection also had limited range (about 1.5 metres). I was
  9. Most general switch faceplates are designed so they are a bit bigger than the wall hole and screw down to hide it. The C4 ones we've got angle back towards the hole, exposing any imperfect plastering/painting (on our legacy switch points). Why is this?! Are there alternatives?
  10. I take it that the binding would address the '49' issue? Any thoughts on the other one: the current temperature being reported as 78 in the screenshot? Or are they related?
  11. 1) In our Control4 our apps, the Comfort 'tile' for each room consistently displays "49" rather than a realistic temperature (49F = 9C).2) When we tap on it, the set point temperature sometimes seems to get confused between an (exaggerated) Fahrenheit[?] and Celsius readings. It'll sometimes show a high set point initially. Then if you switch to anther app and come back again it'll change the display to a more sensible reading. The Android phone is set to Celsius, and I'm told so is Control4It's been suggested that that the 49 issue is to do with poor communications between Control4 and Evohom
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