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  1. Most general switch faceplates are designed so they are a bit bigger than the wall hole and screw down to hide it. The C4 ones we've got angle back towards the hole, exposing any imperfect plastering/painting (on our legacy switch points). Why is this?! Are there alternatives?
  2. I take it that the binding would address the '49' issue? Any thoughts on the other one: the current temperature being reported as 78 in the screenshot? Or are they related?
  3. 1) In our Control4 our apps, the Comfort 'tile' for each room consistently displays "49" rather than a realistic temperature (49F = 9C).2) When we tap on it, the set point temperature sometimes seems to get confused between an (exaggerated) Fahrenheit[?] and Celsius readings. It'll sometimes show a high set point initially. Then if you switch to anther app and come back again it'll change the display to a more sensible reading. The Android phone is set to Celsius, and I'm told so is Control4It's been suggested that that the 49 issue is to do with poor communications between Control4 and Evohome. But issuing commands and seeing he effects from one to the other works fine.Any ideas please?
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