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  1. Given I see 100+ views but no replies, figured I'd try something and report back. Going to install ferrite filters (those clip-on magnet things) on the lines, as I think they're long enough to induce serious EMI, which could be tripping the closures. If that doesn't work, next step is installing optoisolators...
  2. Hey, all -- I'm hoping this is a common issue: I have two steam showers running Mr. Steam's HomeWizard modules which turn on via a momentary contact closure from my EA-5. At first, they were fine, but lately, they've started occasionally triggering on their own, either (seemingly) randomly or when switching big electrical loads in the house. In case it's relevant, my neighborhood is also under construction, and I sometimes notice my LED lights (which are sensitive) giving a little flicker, which I assume is due to activity on the lines/infrastructure. As a final detail, the leads long but shielded wire. Is there some type of a filter/resister I might put on the leads to soften the sensors response? Would switching to a Z2IO closer to the sensors help (due to the long leads potentially pulse-energizing)? Is this something a power conditioner placed somewhere solves for? Of course, hoping there are other, better ideas I haven't thought of as well. Thanks in advance!
  3. This thread got me motivated -- is anyone aware of a magnetic (or otherwise mechanical) actuator for a regular deadbolt (i.e., Schlage's non-automated collection)? I'd love to try a hardwired, 'stealth' setup...
  4. x2 on upping the lock game. I had the exact same issue in that I was looking for black. Went with August. The product itself is great but relying on their cloud service isn’t, because it acts up.
  5. I had the same issue. Im my case, it was driver related. The standard Hik driver is limited and can’t access the third stream, which my T3s needed given I’d set a high quality main stream. On the GStreamer message, I got that when I’d set anything other that H264 (i.e., +, H265). Those don’t seem to be supported by C4.
  6. Is anyone else having problems with August locks/this driver again? All of a sudden I'm getting intermittent control and the statuses (open/closed) aren't working. Also getting "Error - ResponseCode: 500 RefreshToken code 2" from the driver, but the master driver (driverCentral Cloud) shows all as well. Thanks in advance for help!
  7. Wish I could figure out myself, but where are you seeing the setting to set source/follower? I see a box now under the backlight settings that says 'Sensing' but don't see where to make changes. Thanks!
  8. Another option if you're worried about noise: I mounted my unit in the crawl space, so all I hear in the room/house is rushing air.
  9. I had similar concerns and researched: while there's consensus heat reduces component life, you'll get varying answers on what's 'ok'. My goal was to get from 100 to 80, and I was able to by running an exhaust fan/return air, which works year round. In my case it's connected directly to the rack, but that's an optimization vs. necessity to work. See below for a little more, if curious.
  10. I'm using an AC Infinity Cloudline fan (located in my crawl space) that ducts through a vertical wall into my rack -- works awesome. Pic for reference below.
  11. Done with OS 3.2.2 apparently -- thanks, C4 product team!
  12. FWIW I use a combo of the up and down volume keys to turn off AV -- experimented and like it the best.
  13. Don't see any downside. H&F is quality, so it's less relevant in this case, but I'd say public companies are more stable from a customer perspective (than PE-backed). And man would I be a buyer at their go-private valuation. So much you could do with this business (even beyond the Snap vertical play, which was sharp)!
  14. OP -- I hope you get to a good place with this. This is what scares me about the Snap model -- my local dealer is nice but not the most knowledgeable (don't have options, btw), so the potential for loss of control on this (expensive) equipment is scary. I had an issue a few months back where the installer activated the OpenVPN proxy without my knowledge on my RK-1, with the default password, and I got hacked/used in an attack. This is a serious part/consideration for our networks/homes.
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