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  1. OP -- I hope you get to a good place with this. This is what scares me about the Snap model -- my local dealer is nice but not the most knowledgeable (don't have options, btw), so the potential for loss of control on this (expensive) equipment is scary. I had an issue a few months back where the installer activated the OpenVPN proxy without my knowledge on my RK-1, with the default password, and I got hacked/used in an attack. This is a serious part/consideration for our networks/homes.
  2. I have the same problem so please count me in on any help. Seems hard to find the 'sweet spot' with DS2 code.
  3. Given my past challenges with this and general concern with the web/external dependency, I just checked my system, and it works fine (both status and control). Therefore, this may be isolated to your install/config (assuming it doesn't begin affecting me/others). I used to have the issue described before I updated driver versions (with everyone else), so may be worth looking at that if you haven't. Otherwise, if I can help please LMK.
  4. I'm sure one of the many more knowledgeable folks can elaborate, but you can do both pushes to iPhone through the C4 app and Intercom Anywhere calls. I set up the former myself via the Push Notification Agent tied to actions from the DS2. My dealer setup the latter, but I'm pretty sure I've seen that functionality within HE.
  5. Do you have low-e glass? I also have new construction and it crushes RF...
  6. Do any users of the Generic TCP Driver know if the HTTP GET functionality can be used to query an API and bring back a JSON result which logic can be run on? I don't see anything like that in the documentation, but I can't otherwise think of a reason for the functionality.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks. I'm planning on doing that once I get things wrapped up with my local dealer.
  8. Hey all -- I just got the Generic TCP driver and for my first use case want to solution for severe weather alerts (given I recall they're no longer natively supported by any driver). Has anyone already figured out a good implementation? Happy to be be the first/contribute but don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. I need to do a little reading and figure out how to diagnose/isolate the issue. It seems like it's happening with hardwired devices as well, which was making me think network. But, it's possible. Is there a procedure to check? My Zigbee mesh follows the guidelines (less-interfering channels; two controllers; antenna outside rack), and the house is new construction (i.e., thin walls).
  10. Thanks again for this. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to revert to my 'long programming,' because I'm noticing that the system is getting 'stuck' in volume up or volume down, including hours/days later when I go to use the room. This may be related to an issue I noted in another thread -- that it feels like one of every 10-20 C4 commands doesn't work. Any help/ideas?
  11. I vented it through the wall behind the rack then to the crawl space under my house (we don't have basements here in TN, ha). In my case, the crawl is conditioned, but they key aspect was creating a return for my HVAC, as under the door was enough on the supply/feed end. From what I'd read, this is typically the case with closets. It sustains low-80s now, which for how packed my rack is (moreso than the pic), is pretty good.
  12. It's a Strong FS 42U. It already had exit fans at the top, so I just built on that.
  13. Hey all: So I'm using Snapshot i/c/w my DS2 Door Stations where when a call comes in, all TVs display 30s of video then revert to their prior state. Oddly/occasionally, certain TVs seem to remain on (with their sources set to the EA-5/controller source from JAP) after it runs. It's both intermittent and moves TVs, and (I think) I've ruled out TV-specific issues with auto-upgrades (which sometimes disrupt IP control), etc. All TVs are the same model LG, for background. Anyone experienced this/have any ideas? I also don't know how to do logging in Composer, which might help me troubleshoot on th
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