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  1. Thanks for the kind words, guys. I get so bummed when I come up short! I'm not pushing hard on this right now, but I see a bunch of references on Stack Exchange, Arduino, RPi, etc. forums referencing all these cheap sleeping/low power receivers that would seemingly last a year, e.g., https://electronoobs.com/eng_arduino_tut129.php, but I can't seem to find them for sale. If anyone is able to track one down, I'll be the guinea pig.
  2. I'm in the exact same boat as you. Tried fixed IP and 2.4 subnetwork. Also, thanks, Cyknight. Regenerating the token is a temp. fix but doesn't seem to get at root cause. Not a perfect solution, but does anyone know how to send a reboot signal to the panel? Imagine we could program a 'kick' whenever it drops that way.
  3. Just went through this and figured I'd post my solution in case it's useful. After considering a bunch of stuff -- flow sensor, humidity sensor, etc. -- I went with temperature sensors on the shower drain pipes. Creates a clear, unambiguous signal quickly.
  4. This isn't a full solution, but I suggest you explore webhooks. Chowmain's Generic TCP Driver gives you the capability in C4. I use it for a bunch of stuff on my iPhone, and I'm guessing Android gives you a similar ability to fire off commands...
  5. Hey all -- Given the stellar reviews on the board, I recently installed a Qolsys IQ2+. Works awesome, with one hitch: It occasionally loses communication with C4/Director (and I get a "?" in Navigator). Given how many folks here use it -- is there an easy fix? Was thinking some kind of refresh/reboot may be necessary under certain circumstances, and therefore, I could automate it. (I do this manually to get it to reconnect, either by toggling the C4 integration setting on the panel or by toggling the token in the driver.) TIA!
  6. Sounds like you're still shopping, but just in case: Don't buy the 'Aux' pieces if you want backlit engraving -- buy the wireless configurable keypads. Otherwise, as folks say above, you can do (n)way with C4. Cheers!
  7. This. Did it with my brand-new MyQ units since Chamberlain decided they didn't want to integrate. It's bulletproof and futureproof...
  8. Bump -- still looking if anyone has new/used units. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, Replaced my network with UBNT and am offering my Pakedge equipment: RK-1 Router SX-8P SX-24P All work fine and have minor cosmetic damage from coming in/out of rack. Not sure of market pricing, so please make offers on anything if interested. Thanks!
  10. Sorry for the delayed reply, all. When things get busy with work or personally, C4 is the first to go, ha. So, I'll come right our and say it: I'm embarrassed -- I somehow grossly miscalculated the battery life of my (above) design. I must have misread, dropped a zero, or both, because after putting one of these modified candles on the multimeter, it's drawing enough current to last a little over a month on the 'stock' D batteries vs. a year. After going back and checking, this is consistent with the published specs., so my best guess is I erred on the battery capacity (as I have no experience/frame of reference to 'gut check'). While I'm running these outside right now and think it might be good enough for this season (since I change-out a few other batteries regularly), it totally crushes the use case I mention above. Therefore, I'm guessing most won't be interested, for now. Not sure I'm going to take the project on immediately, but there are a few (more commercially-oriented vendors) that sell low-power/'wake-up' alternatives to the RF receiver I noted above. In theory, with those and the same setup, it would last a year. Apologies again for the letdown. And happy to report back with both how long this flawed design lasts and when/if I experiment with a low-power/'wake up' receiver.
  11. Just noticed this post so wanted to respond. Thanks! And yeah -- Zigbee would be awesome. But I think the power requirements (and maybe size) would prevent the conversion/reuse of the 'stock' candles (NTM probably cost more than $11, ha.) Before settling on this, I'd considered just converting a Z2IO to lithium power and running leads out to the candles. Haven't looked up its consumption but assume thats possible and surprised C4 doesn't make one. On the topic, I have a few wired Z2IOs floating around , so if I had signal problems with the 433mhz, I could connect their native transceiver to one if the Bond was out of range/needed help.
  12. Update: Parts came so built the first of the candles using the above, 'permanent' design tonight -- it works! Pics below. Packaging is a little sloppy, but I had a few drinks with friends earlier, ha. All prior functionality of the candle is preserved, including using replaceable D batteries. DIY/guide to come when I build the rest.
  13. Hey, all -- flattered there's interest! As I explained in a PM or two, I'm in the process of redoing them for permanent use, as the current ones were more of a first cut/proof-of-concept and would be annoying to maintain, e.g., separate batteries for receiver and candle. Therefore; probably better to wait for my update and/or follow my plan vs. current... My permanent design, subject to testing it and it working as expected, will be: Candles from Restoration Hardware, OEM is Candle Impressions/Sterno Every size is identical on the inside, so to speak This 433mhz receiver from Amazon This power converter from Amazon Tested on my bench that the receiver needs slightly higher voltages Wire, solder and glue/sealant (for connections) By doing it this way, I can use the candle's original/easily accessible 2x D cell batteries to power both the candle and the receiver. My rough math on power consumption suggests it should go for about a year with standard alkalines (longer with lithium), which IMO is easier than charging or otherwise adding more complexity. Happy to report back/verify the above works and/or do a little writeup when my power converters come.
  14. This. I hardwired mine with Nyce sensors and I'll take it 10/10 times vs. a cloud-based solution.
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