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  1. Based on my discussion with Control4 support today, this is as per the design for anyone to quickly select required DSP mode when using the app. Thanks.
  2. Talked to Control4 support earlier today - they could not exactly pin point why the system is behaving differently for certain devices. They reviewed the way my system is configured and mentioned that everything looked good. The only thing thats different for xbox was that it was setup when the OS version was 2.x and all the other devices were setup after the OS was upgraded to 3.0 and hence control4 support thinks (not sure though) that something might have been changed in the new OS version (and somehow its working for old configurations) or that it could be a bug in 3.0. Thanks.
  3. Yes, but have been unable to identify why there is a difference in behavior. Control4 support also had taken a look at my setup (however awaiting an update). Since this is working properly while I try to switch from xbox to Receiver, any thoughts around where something could possibly be wrong? Thanks.
  4. Hello, There was some issue earlier and only the title was getting posted for my posts..the problem is now fixed.. I am able to turn on my Yamaha receiver via Watch on Control4 remote (SR-260) and perform required functions on my receiver, however am unable to do so via the Control4 app on my mobile. When I select Watch-Receiver via app, it just shows various DSP modes available on Yamaha and it does not turn the receiver on. Any idea why SR-260 and app behave differently and what can be done to fix this? Should I not see the same behavior on both? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I have been trying to post this message but only the title was getting submitted....now trying again.. I have xbox, bluray player, firetv connected to a yamaha receiver and all integrated via Control4. Am able to switch to yamaha receiver for any specific controls on Yamaha (via Watch-Receiver on Control4 remote) from xbox (if I had selected Watch-xbox before), however I cannot switch to my receiver via Watch if I were watching bluray or firetv. If I do a Watch-Receiver while watching bluray or firetv, the control4 remote still controls the device that I was using and not the receiver. So if I have to use any of the specific receiver functions, I have to go back to xbox and then switch to Receiver. Any idea why this would be happening and how this can be fixed? Thanks.
  6. Hi Don, I recently got the IR driver for Panasonic UB820 player installed, but could not get the Return and Home buttons on the Panasonic remote mapped to Control4. Have you been able to configure this and if so advise on how to go about this? Thanks.
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