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  1. Hi guys, as a long time reader of this forum I almost always found the answers to my questions by simply browsing the threads. It seems I am out of luck with the following: Is there a driver to (simply) visualize telegrams received from the KNX Bus - like CO2, VOC or humidity values? I found the following over at drivercentral: https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/knx-generic-monitor/ At first it looked like what I searched for - but on second sight it requires the BMS Monitor which is way to „bulky“ (and displays only over a web-interface). I was searching for a simple display like that of the KNX Thermostat. Can this be done? Thanks in advance Wolflay
  2. Hi guys, just found this thread - does anyone know what the „all RED neeo“ is about? Just the color or a new remote? Thanks for any hint! Frank
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