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  1. This is hilarious, my experience is the polar opposite Also, what “IT professional” buys network equipment second hand? That’s absurd
  2. What Cyknight said.... C4 doesn’t “rip people off” If you feel ripped off it’s your dealer you have to chat with A properly executed system with quality components is extremely stable and rarely needs a dealer to be involved
  3. C4 owns Pakedge & Araknis so they will of course try to steer people that way I suspect that they’re losing a massive amount of sales to Ubiquiti I have used Pakedge and Araknis... both brands make some things that are good and some that aren’t IMO the unifi ecosystem offers everything we need that’s good and also manageable from a single app which is good for the client and technician as mentioned before, staying away from new/beta firmware is smart
  4. Appealing to as many people in terms of price makes it a commodity, the experience compared to where C4 is now would be sub par In my experience, target C4 users want reliability and someone to reach out to when they either have an issue and want to upgrade or add on something
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