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  1. Thanks for the reply. As you can tell, I have the system, but was left with very little information by the company that put them in...telling me I would figure them out by using them and to call them to come out with any changes at a significant charge. I initially told them how I wanted them, but obviously many switches don’t work as I thought with backlighting and indicator lights....programmed wrong for my use. So are the two options stated above available on composer home edition? And how do you obtain this program? I do have the $100/year remote access to control Control4 functions w
  2. I meant paddle switches....some of them don’t show backlight or indicator lights in a completely dark room but will illuminate if there is light in the room or turn on the switch bringing the room lights on. Want the paddle switch indicator lights to work at all times regardless of amount of light in room. Any help out there?
  3. Just figured it out. Pushed the air gap button in on right side until popped out on left side and then pushed the left side back in and it rest indicator light to light up again. now is there anyway before a home owner to control when the indicator lights turn on and off by the amount of light in the room? Also How do you control panel switches so that the indicator light comes on at night when the lights in the room are dark. The indicator lights will work if the room has some light in it but not if it’s dark?
  4. Why do a few of my multi switches not have the indicator lights lighting up plus pad is not backlit. The switches are 3-4 years old. Do the lights in the keypad burn out or is there something I could do to make them work again?
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