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  1. Yea, you're right about Savant allowing independent services. Edited my previous message to better reflect what I was trying to say. My issues with that are still listed above though and would love clarification if they've improved the experience.
  2. We thought so too, And when our dealer/integrator was working to set it up, no amount of playing with the independent services checkboxes yielded true independence with Sonos. My understanding after a few phone calls with Savant support was that true independent service configuration isn't compatible with Sonos endpoints. And you end up with the same issue I'm having in Control4. We were told that if we had integrated products in the Savant Music ecosystem, we would be able to achieve what we wanted, but alas, not with Sonos. Are you able to confirm that you can have independent video ser
  3. We also had issues with Savant and multiple sessions with Sonos. It's crazy that C4 thinks users only ever use a single session at a time. And these hacks to create multiple rooms just dont make any sense when you're having to do it all over the house. In our own daily lives, here some examples of when we'd have two independent sessions: - I like to watch the news on the TV with captions enabled while listening to music through the Sonos - My wife likes to spin on her bike in our basement while watching a cycling video on the TV but listening to music through the Sonos - We like to put
  4. So we have some Sonos 1's in our living room, along with our TV. My wife and I like to listen to music on the Sonos, while we have captioned news on the TV. But our control4 system (3.2.0) seems to loose the Sonos play session whenever we switch back to the TV to adjust the channel or change the volume (to mute it for example). Control4 seems to think that the Sonos has stopped playing and isn't active. Can't find any sessions or bring up any transport controls. In the living room the TV is set to use the audio/video 1 endpoints, and the sonos is set to use the audio 2 endpoints. Anyone
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