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  1. and thank you for replying to an older post, thats greatly appreciated!
  2. Ah okay. That explains a lot. Composer should hide elements of the UI that dont apply to products that dont support it. That seems silly. also, that behavior with sliders seems weird. My expectation is that C4 would wait until I've let go of the slider and then ramp to that dim level, not follow the slider.
  3. Anyone else with RadioRa2 dimmers notice issues with the free C4 driver? Here's what I'm noticing: Can't change preset level, ramp up, or ramp down data in composer. When changing the default 100, 250, and 750 for those respective click rates and clicking set, refreshing the device properties shows the defaults again. The slide bar UI in OS3 doesn't use the ramp up or ramp down rates, and instead jumps instantly to the dimmer level set by the user in the slider This driver hasn't seen an update in a few years...
  4. yea I can confirm @Jakelay's take on the situation. This seems totally dependent on the app developers implementation of tvOS's media player and is, unfortunately, not consistent across apps. I'd like to request that C4 add customizable hard buttons (select, back, and menu) on the Neeo so the appleTV driver can remap a long press of the menu button to open the switch user & airplay side panel, which would be much more intuitive than programming any digital/soft buttons.
  5. @g8rfn2 I thought you would have been ecstatic to hear this news, especially after all the work you did in the Sonos forums. Still hoping C4 can integrate this into their driver, or perhaps a 3rd party dev wants to create a button, or driver, or something, to specifically add queue clearing capability.
  6. I've got a RadioRa2 setup and programming in Essentials. Is that kind of programming you've referenced only available with Homeworks?
  7. nothing. no commands available under any device variables.
  8. Hey thanks for the input @Cyknight! Checked to see if there are commands available on that variable and I dont see any. Screenshots attached below. There are some conditionals I can check against the current level, but I can only "set" a level when programming on the parent device and not the variable itself. Could this be a shade driver limitation?
  9. Playing around trying to get a shade to match the state of other shades in the house with the press of a keypad button. I can capture the desired shade level as a variable when the keypad is pressed, but I'm can't figure out how to set that variable as the shade target level on another shade. Using Lutron RadioRa2 shades and some keypads. Anyone successfully done this and can walk me through how to use the variable when programming?
  10. Looks like this reddit thread dives into the issue, and it is indeed the same as PS4. A manual download of the save file needs to be completed on secondary consoles.
  11. It looks like the PS5 uses an auto-sync feature, instead of the auto-upload feature the PS4 has, so it is different. And I don't see a console restriction on this support page. Will investigate further. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/subscriptions/ps5-ps-plus-cloud-storage/
  12. PS5 controller uses bluetooth 5.1 spec for wireless connect to the bluetooth console, and range is about 35ft. Since PS4 can remote play a PS5, you could pick up some cheap used slim PS4’s and mounting it at each TV location. You’ll have a degraded video and audio experience, but it works. Since PlayStation game saves can be stored in the cloud (with PS Plus membership), you could always mount a PS5 at every location, so you get full 4k video and best audio as possible, and you can pick up and play at any location. Read more about the PS5’s DualSense controller here: https://www.euro
  13. Dragging up this old thread because I discovered this little tidbit in the Sonos API documentation: This looks like exactly what we are after. Would love to know more details, if this is possible to add to C4 driver? If Control4 is updating their Sonos driver? Or if anyone has the ability to to write a custom driver using this? https://developer.sonos.com/reference/types/queueaction/
  14. Yea, you're right about Savant allowing independent services. Edited my previous message to better reflect what I was trying to say. My issues with that are still listed above though and would love clarification if they've improved the experience.
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