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  1. Sounds like the intrinsic dev driver works for ya! if you end up troubleshooting again, maybe check that the iCloud email address matches the email you use in the C4 app when making the HomeKit connection? I ran into this issue recently.
  2. Any release notes for the new version of the bridge driver (42)?
  3. @South Africa C4 user Hrmm. very interesting! Can you check your vacation HomeKit home to see if there are additional HomeKit users that the home has been shared with? This just gave me another idea around creating dummy accounts to share the homes with. Will test something and share back.
  4. I discovered the root of my own problems and its tied to Control4's home/account management and the way their driver "handshakes" with homes in Homekit. Here's a quick run-through for anyone troubleshooting this in the future: We have a city home and a vacation home: 2 homes in HomeKit, 2 homes in Control4 HomeKit setup is using my own personal iCloud account (1 email address: emailA), its the primary account to admin the homes in HomeKit. The homes are shared with multiple family members. The two homes in Control4 each require a unique email addresses. City home account was created with emailA, and for the vacation home account I created an email alias, emailB. When adding control4 to HomeKit at the vacation home, I received the dreaded "Unable to complete Apple TV integration" error and spent the last few weeks troubleshooting. And after some digging I've discovered the following: The email address registered to the home in Control4 has to match the email address used in HomeKit. In my situation our vacation home was using emailB, and HomeKit is managed using emailA. Control4 explained to my integrator that this was the issue and there is no way around this. I spent a few days thinking about ways that I could create some dummy accounts to get by this limitation. I could create a new appleID, emailC, and share my vacation home in HomeKit with emailC, then create a control4 account using emailC and add them to the house, and try to complete the HomeKit integration (can't guarantee that this would work, but I was willing to give it a try). I didn't get very far with this option as Apple only allows 1 phone number to be registered to an AppleID at a time and surprisingly we don't have another unused phone number. I started looking into dummy phone number services, but thought I was going down a real fragile rabbit hole creating dummy phone numbers for dummy email addresses. At the end I gave up on Control4's solution and installed the @IntrinsicGroup IP driver, but sadly it doesn't have the long press on the TV button to bring up tvOS Control Center and all 4 family members use their AppleTV accounts to track their watch history across all our AppleTV's. But at least there is a "long route" to switch users in the settings app, and that will have to do until we get long press support in the @IntrinsicGroup driver. Fingers crossed! A potential solution for the root problem would be if Control4 allowed a single email address to be associated to multiple homes. Then emailA would be registered for both houses and we wouldn't have the issue. That would be swell. Is there a feature request voting system somewhere? I'd smash that upvote button. So there ya have it. Happy to answer any questions, and hopefully this helps someone else out.
  5. @CTMatthew did you ever get this sorted out? We’re having this issue at our vacation home.
  6. Ooooof. Well that driver lasted a whole 30 seconds. It's the first thing every family member does when turning on the Apple TV. Back to the native IP Apple TV driver then.
  7. actually do ANY long presses work? just tried to move some apps around on my Home Screen and long pressing the OK button doesn't work.
  8. I dont see any ability to access the tvOS Control Center to switch users, which requires a long press of the TV/Home button, with the Intrinsic Dev Apple TV driver. Can anyone else confirm this?
  9. Looking at adding a Panasonic ClimaPure XE Single Split AC unit to our house and I’m wondering if anyone has integrated this AC line? A quick search doesn’t really turn much up. I do see Chowmain makes a driver for the Intesis Gateway which adds wifi support to non-wifi, RF and IR AC units, but this particular Panasonic unit is fairly new and already includes wifi, so thinking that’s not needed?
  10. @BubbaDuckI hear ya, our family would also love a better apple music integration, so +1 from us. fingers crossed that C4 is working on an update of some kind.
  11. Can't confirm officially, but the news was leaked last week because of code snippets found in the Android app. So that bodes well for Android users.
  12. With today's announcement of lossless and Dolby Atmos support, when Apple enables these features in June then Apple Music will have 100+ million hi-res lossless audio users overnight. Would be great to get this truly integrated.
  13. Happy to help test out. Has anyone thought of building a reverse Homekit/Homebridge driver? Possible to bring IN homekit-only products into C4 through homebridge?
  14. So doing some further testing last night, and discovered the Lutron switches on/off via C4 interface uses C4's defined ramp rates and preset levels, and not Lutron's. But I can't actually set any of these rates on 3rd party lights in C4? is that correct? I'm just stuck with what C4 has predefined?
  15. and thank you for replying to an older post, thats greatly appreciated!
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