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  1. subscription paid through 2023 and intercom anywhere and all other services working fine
  2. I recently upgraded Composer HE to version 3.2.3 (my home is also running 3.2.3) and lost the ability to connect to my system remotely. Local access works just fine. no other changes were made to my system
  3. Yes. Screensaver shows time and temp. Time ok, temp shows a dash.
  4. This was part of the snap one system upgrade for intercom anywhere
  5. Software was just updated by C4. I lost outdoor temperature on 2 of 4 control panels. The screen shows —f. If i push it, the screen goes to the forecast, as it should. I’ve rebooted several times. The other 2 control panels work fine.
  6. i guess it's time to call the dealer. i did try that. Thanks.
  7. My UPS recently shorted (I believe) and i now have no power to my C4 keypads (I have 4). Everything else works and the rooms will still work with the app (power on/off volume etc.) but the keypads are essentially useless. Also, i have a separate EA1 to run the C4 (red button) on screen display (I was advised at the time not to run the on screen display through my EA5). The EA1 shows the C4 logo but does not work. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  8. Do you have any suggestions for recommended settings if I don’t want to replace the motion detector?
  9. Does anyone having recommendations regarding preferred settings for DS2 motion/cameras? I have problems where if the thresholds are set too low, no motion is detected (and I receive no alerts) but if the threshold is set too high, I get a hundred alerts especially on partly sunny days where the sunshine is intermittent.
  10. How do I get user name and password
  11. how do i access the DS2 web interface
  12. does anyone know whether you can adjust the motion sensors without having the installer do it. i had to replace my DS2 and upgraded to OS3.2.1. Ever since, notifications have been sporadic. Can i use HE to get into and adjust the sensors?
  13. I have reached the end of my rope with the DS2. I had DS2 for about two years; never liked them -- too big. So when DS2 mini became available, i upgraded. Recently, the DS mini stopped working. C4 replaced them under warranty but they rarely work as advertised. Motion detection is spotty; plenty of false motion detection depending on the level of sunlight, night time motion detection is non-existent and i get two alerts for the front door whenever it does work. My son has Ring and laughs at me. Between the DS2, the DS2 for two doors; labor, programing and masonry repair, i am out $5,000 for worthless doorbells! I also recently upgraded to 3.2
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