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  1. I do not use Airplay yet and don't fully understand it but, I got the idea that the Airplay 1 implementation with Sharebridge meant that you had to use your phone. So if you had music playing in the house and decided to run to the store you would loose the music in the house. Is that correct? With the Sonos connect obviously this would not be the case.
  2. What are my options if I just go with Amazon or Spotify? Am I correct that both these options are baked into C4 already and are much easier to implement? I am heavily into Apple and Siri but maybe I would be better off with Amazon or Spotify. I am not heavily into music so I am sure either service would suit my needs from a content perspective.
  3. Now that is an interesting idea. In addition, I actually have some Sonos 1's, 3, and a 5 speakers that I am not currently using, that I could dust off and use in a few areas where I do not have in ceiling speakers.
  4. To be clear I did not upgrade my c4 system, I just upgraded the Composer version. Opened Composer up one day and it asked if I wanted to upgrade so I said yes, it upgraded itself then promptly told me it was not compatible with my C4 operating system. I would have thought that it would not do an automatic upgrade if it was not compatible. Live and learn.
  5. Guys, I have a c4 system that was in the house when I bought it. The seller took part of the system out when he moved out. The Integrator was a friend of his from out of state who did not want to continue supporting the system remotely. Local integrators want to basically rip out the system and start over. I do not like the high cost of the system and not being able to maintain it without an expensive integrator on retainer. I realize that C4 really is just not for me, but there is a lot of expensive equipment that I can't bring myself to abandon quite yet. I have abandoned the 8x8 video matrix and gone to apple tv's in each room. I have a c4 hc-800 controller and a c4 8 zone matrix audio amp. and a c4 i/o extender. I have a Homebridge installed that lets me control all my lights with Siri and homekit. My Luma camera feeds have stopped showing up in the C4 app even though they are still working and show up on the hardwired monitor in the wiring closet. I bought Composer to try and do some maintenance myself, but it did a version update the other day and now it says it is not compatible with my current C4 system. The system is falling apart and I probably should just throw in the towel. Sorry for the frustrated rant. Before I trash the whole thing, is there an easy way to get apple music to play through my c4 system? Right now i have speakers in 8 rooms of the house connected to the 8 zone matrix amp but I am listening to apple music on individual home pods.
  6. My system does this. Standard doorbell button when pressed, C4 plays "Someone Knocking on the door" song throughout the house. I have no idea how it works it was setup when I bought the house.
  7. What size area are these two R650's covering? Any interference problems?
  8. Thanks for this great answer. Sounds like I do not need Wifi 6 since I only have 500Gbps internet. In regards to too much Wifi. Is it likely that two R610's spread out in a 5000 sf two story house will experience any interference problems that you mention above? Since my current single Luxul AP has pretty good coverage, it stands to reason that there will in fact be some significant overlap with 2 R610's.
  9. Would like to tag onto this thread since I am considering Ruckus AP's right now. I am not proficient in networking so I may be stumbling around a bit. I have a Luxul XAP 1510 AP in the middle of my 5000 sf two story house. It actually has amazing coverage due to the open floor plan of the house I suppose. I would like to expand the coverage to be stronger on the far ends of the house and expand into the yard a little further. I was about to just get another Luxul AP to add to my network. When looking into it, I came to the conclusion that I would need a Luxul controller to manage the 2 APs. I did some more research and found the strong recommendations for Ruckus Unleased AP's. I then discovered that Ruckus can assign one AP as a master and it can control multiple AP's without the need for an external controller. So with the availability of refurbished R610's at around $240 it seems to make more sense to just buy 2 R610's and ditch my existing Luxul. 1.Does this seem like a logical plan? 2.Will two R610's be "too much" for this size house? Is there such a thing as "too much" wifi in a given space? Interference of any kind etc? 3. Is it a mistake to not go with Wifi 6 at this point? Probably costs double since not as many refurbished units if any available.
  10. Well I ordered the DLI. M., I probably need to get you to help me out again. I don't know if I really need to implement this into C4 or not and I have no idea what having the outlets emulate Wemo does for me, so I will probably contact you. I really probably should have you finish up clearing out a bunch of previously abandoned items in my C4 system as well. R.
  11. Guys this is not C4 specific but I trust the level of networking knowledge here. I need a Remote PDU that can auto-ping and reset my modem when it locks up and looses internet connection. I would also plug in my router and switch as well to be able to remotely reset them if needed. Would prefer a rack mount option all things being equal. What is a good pro-sumer grade option for me? Is the Synaccess line any good? Specifically the NP-05B unit. https://www.synaccess-net.com/np-05b Thanks for your input
  12. I am also interested in this answer. I have the Veritas driver on a Pi with about 35 C4 devices and want to know if it is worth changing to this driver? I also have about 20 Hue devices and 10 Meross devices all controlled by HomeKit.
  13. Just thought I would come back and wrap up this thread. I did purchase the Veritas Homehub and Greenfield Solutions installed it for me. It has generally been good for the limited things that I have used it for. It does seem to get out of sync with the C4 app sometimes. Ie: it will indicate that a light is on when it is not etc. But it did allow me to start controlling all my C4 lights and fans and HVAC, along with all my HUE lamps all within Homekit and with Siri control.
  14. I have a C4 system and have Composer. I have not used Composer or the computer that it is running on in a few months. I fired it up tonight and when attempting to connect to my local C4 controller got a Security Alert dialog box. It states that my controller has changed certificates. It gives me the options to connect anyway and update the trusted controller list with the new certificate. Should I do this or is there a security issue that I need to address? During the recent Texas power outages, I did shut down and unplug all my electronics for a couple of days, including all my C4 components due to the frequent power fluctuations and outages. Thanks
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