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  1. Hello community. I have next issue: after EA-5 controller rebooting I cannot restore zigbee connection to device. To solve this problem I should reboot zigbee device (just take off block with 4 AA battaries for 30 seconds and after this return in back in device). Zigbee device I use: lock Kwikset Signature 914. C4 driver: Kwikset Smartcode (version 31). Firmware version of lock: 03.08.16. Any ideas how to solve this problem ?
  2. Hello community. I have a question about using Kwikset Signature 914 in Control4 system via zigbee. To control that lock via Control4 system I use Kwikset Smartcode driver (version 31). For first time I add lock to C4 system witout any problems, and can control it (open or close) via navigators. But after 1 hour pause, during which I didn't use the lock, I try to control lock again, but in this time lock did't react on my commands. To solve that problem I removed lock from zigbee network and then add it again. After these steps executing lock works again. What can be a reason of that problem ? Any ideas ? Firmware version of lock: 03.08.16.
  3. Thank you for your answer. I think I should find simpler way to display text parameter. I have variable with NUMBER_VARIABLE format (0 corresponds to OFF state, 1 corresponds to HEATING state...), and in UI all possible statuses are displayed. But if heat pump state in heating mode - word HEATING is highlighted in UI, other statuses are in usual font and so on. I watch C4 video tutorials how to create user drivers (using Driver Editor), but I did't find usefull information for such type of drivers. Is it possible to create or find such driver. What do you think about it ?
  4. Thank you for your answer. Do you have an instruction how to do that (I am a begginer with C4 systems installation and don't have a lot of experience) ?
  5. Is this solution available only on TV screen ?
  6. Thank you for your answer. If I understand correctly, web page can only be displayed on T3 / T4. There is no such possibility to display it on Android/iOs app. Am I correct ?
  7. OK, what about to displaying web page ? Is there a possibility to display web page in UI of Control4 ?
  8. OK, what about to displaying web page ? Is there a possibility to display web page in UI of Control4 ?
  9. Hello community. I am looking for a driver for text displaying in user interface. For instance I have heat pump with next work modes: heating, cooling, defrost, off, alarm. I want to display this mode (in text format) in UI page. Do someone have such type of driver (or something similar) or know where I can download it? I didn't see it in control4 drivers database.
  10. Thank you for your answer. You can no longer connect via ssh. - completely gone ? Can I try to generate and import SSH key to Control4 controller system and then connect using this key?
  11. Hello community. I want to connect to Control4 controller file system via SSH using WinSCP or PUTTY software. I use default username: root, and passowrd: t0talc0ntr0l4! . But these data are incrorrect. Do I use correct userdata (or, probably they are obsolete) ? Any ideas about it.
  12. Hello. Today I have updated firmware of my control4 Controller EA-3 to version After this I can't copy new files to shared folders (it can be, for instance, drivers C4Z.) and can't change these files. I can open files for reading only. When I try to copy file to shared folder (with Ctrl+V combination) I see window with text about insufficiency of rights. I tried to do this at other PC, but result was the same. Can it be problem with new update ? What should I do in such situation ?
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