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  1. I also am trying to connect the zone2 from my Yamaha rx-a1060 to one of the inputs so i can play anything that I am currently watching on my living room tv.
  2. I use Spotify as well but it's not one of the options in my Control4 app.
  3. That is great info, thank you so much for the reply. I really like the Amp, very powerful and reliable. I am just tired of having only Pandora and TuneIn as an option. I'd love to stream whatever i want via the apps on my phone.
  4. I would definitely appreciate that, wasn't aware that was possible.
  5. I'm new to this forum and I'm an owner of the amp and controller listed in the title. I currently have version 2.9.1 running. Whole system configured by a C4 specialist from e4 in Socal. I want to add some devices to the analog inputs on the amp and stream via different apps but I have a feeling the amp will only work with the controller. Is this true? I also am trying to use the ComposerME 2.9.1 to see what I can configure on the system to allow me to do what I mentioned above.....not having success. Any advice is much appreciated.
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