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  1. That was the problem..I was not in the family account.. Was on the 9.99 premium account. Upgraded to the family premium account.. Mitch helped me figure this out Going to try what you said.. Thank you.
  2. Hmm... Let me check on that! I am thinking that's going to be the case!
  3. Hi all. I use Spotify to stream music on My home speakers in most rooms thru Control 4. We share a family plan thru Spotify. What I have found is, I cannot run two different Spotify streams simultaneously. For example, if I'm listening to music in great room and my wife turns on music upstairs my stream stops. Is it because as a family, we share one account on Spotify? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone. First post here. Relatively newbie to the Control 4 world. I have motorized shades on the ground floor. When I asked the installer for the control 4 integration module, she gave me the Pulse( think it's the old one: black). Read that the pulse 2 is out. Any advantage in returning this and getting the pulse 2 instead. Appreciate the opinion. Thank you.
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