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  1. Full send on a fleet of new remotes.....Neeo is decent, but could use a good upgrade.
  2. Sony for this guy. Never had an issue with Samsung, just not what I prefer. The 900H is solid as well.
  3. Well at least it's back. And now people can stop asking if it's back every 2 days lol.
  4. I juts wanted you to keep getting that post count up bud
  5. You deserve a pat on that back for that response bud! @Cyknight
  6. As 10 other people said, just toss a good old piece of tape on that bad boy and call it a day.
  7. It's really not that hard to see that there is a button there.....but yes putting label to show people that there is a button should help.
  8. Definitely on an outdated version of control4. As others said above, best buy is not in the control4 game anymore so you will have to find a new dealer to get your system upgraded to the latest version.
  9. Ubiquiti is unreal. We basically only spec ubiquiti for all our projects and it never misses a beat. Nothing but good things to say about their products. And the fact that they have Unifi Protect to go with the networking side of things makes it even better. Probably the best security cameras i've installed. The unifi protect app is also very user friendly.
  10. Our company specs Ubiquiti networks for all of our jobs and it has never given us any issues. I would highly recommend it. Great interface for remote access and the equipment is easy to install. But as others have mentioned if there is really nothing wrong with your araknis equipment than it might not be worth the 10K plunge.
  11. We use paradox for all of our wired installs. They look pretty sleek and work great. So that's definitely a good option. For our wireless installs we almost always go with DSC qolsys systems
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