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  1. Ok thanks everyone. Is the audio switch capable of doing what I have outlined here? Am happy to work with a dealer on setup, but want to be able to tweak levels and inputs myself…
  2. Thanks for the reply. I know I need a controller. I was thinking about a used HC800 or EA1, but what I meant by that is I wasn't planning a control4 installation that did anything more than what i outlined in the note. Wil composer HE let me do what I want to terms of setting up the audio switch? Specifically, the manual says it has audio sense on all inputs. Will that allow auto switching to TV audio when a signal is detected, and then switch back when it is off for awhile? thanks! mike
  3. Hi. I have a specific use case in mind for this 16x16audio switch and whether or not it would work with an HC800 and Composer HE. I have a set of WHA a room speaker zones all driven by chromecast audios feeding multizone amps. I have 7 TVs that I would like to be able to use those amp channels and speakers as well, so when the TV audio goes active, the switch would feed the TV audio (delivered by cat5 Baluns) to the audio outputs (into the amp input) for that room. and after a few minutes of no sound from the TV, then it would switch to the chromecast audio inputs again. And also being able to adjust volume levels so the speakers can’t be run too loud (we have kids in the house!). and I’d like to be able to do setup and adjustments using composer HE. I have access to a control4 dealer for setup, but prefer to do the setup and adjustments myself. I’m not looking to use this as part of a large control4 setup, but just to solve this specific problem of integrating stereo TV inputs that can’t easily be fed into the chromecasts. thanks! mike
  4. Hi... I have a large (about 18 zones) multizone audio system in my house that works very well. It uses Chromecast audios feeding amplifier zones directly, and from the amps to speakers in the various rooms. I just the Cast button on apps on the phones and tablets (even works great on IOS for most apps) to pick a stream and send play it on multiple zones in the house. It's very simple and everyone can use whatever streaming app they like. In some rooms I have TV's that are driven by Shield TVs (everything runs off those devices) that feed stereo analog audio over a Cat6 balun to the rack that has the chromecasts and the amps. My plan was to use an audio controlled switch to switch the audio to the TV when the audio from the Shield TV system goes active, but the audio triggered switches seem to need very high audio levels to switch. This means I have to keep the TV volume level relatively high to keep the audio playback on the TV on. I was wondering if a Control4 C4-16S2-E-B switch could do this, so when the TV audio started, it would switch the input to the amp zone accordingly, and hold it there for maybe 5 minutes after the audio stopped, and then switch it back to the chromecast input. I don't need C4 remotes, streaming, lighting etc..., I just want to be able to drive about 8 zones of audio switching reliably when the TV audio starts. It would be nice to be able to send a TCP JSON request to my home assistant server when it detects audio, but that's about it. Can C4 do this with a matrix switch like the one I mentioned? What kind of controller could do this job? Is this job big enough for a dealer to do it? I know there are control 4 programmers that are willing to work remotely on the programming, but there isn't a lot of programming documentation on composer so It's a little hard for me to tell if this is workable. I apologize if the answer is obvious or I am missing something! thx mike
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