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  1. THanks for the advice guys. ill have a look at the spec of the DS2 mini now. Appreciated!
  2. Hi folks What is your go to solution for a gate access system with video and drivers that will integrate with C4? Combine that with video doorbell and cctv, do we have a system that works? Were getting asked for this more and more. Couple of years back we had a bit of a mare with a combo of a third party gate system installed by an electrician, ANPR by Lilin, cctv and relays. Loads of lessons learned Is there a solution yet?
  3. Hi there wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a driver for the BT Box DTR-T2100? Thanks
  4. hi tdougray did you hear back from your installer?
  5. All very good points folks. Thanks very much. I do agree that the smart bulbs over the sockets would be the better option. Flexibility and the ability to move the lamps. What driver combination do you find most usefull for Phillips hue and C4? Id want to make sure i give the client best use of scenes.
  6. THanks everyone. ill be visiting this client perhaps next week if they are free. I saw the Bond Bridge and would have recommended it. However the 'middleman' has already advised the client and they purchased the rts transmitter before i got the chance to talk to them. Hence the question. tdougray if you can find that out for me id appreciate it. Just want to make sure its done the best way possible.
  7. yes im logged in to my google account and using the google nest driver the link to my.control4 .com i can see that in composer has worked, but the google one doesnt. just says unable to save changes
  8. Been trying to bring my nest thermostat into C4. When i go to the authentication links through the c4 app the sliders reset saying they cant be saved thus preventing me from authentication and linking to c4. I thought this was broken and thus the same for everyone. Anyone any ideas? never been able to get this working.
  9. I am looking to add a number of dimmable lamps to a project and would like any recommendations for wall sockets that can be controlled using C4 drivers. Any recommendations or info appreciated. Mark
  10. Thanks Rocky great to know there is an alternative. In this case the other party in the equasion has purchase this Rs232 to RS485 device. I have little info on the actual blinds themselves unless i pull the place to bits. Trying to get a solution for the client without too much disruption. Im hoping the mylink devices are easy enough to install on the C4 System driver wize. How do you find the operation for the blinds? they seem very noisy. What about scenes? do you find them to work ok?
  11. Having been plunged into another installers project at short notice I have to connect Somfy to C4 using the RS485 RTS Transmitter device. The driver indicates the following: For device control, a RS23 to RS485 converter is required. This device has a 4 wire (NC, +, -, G) RS485 connector. Control requires only the use of the + and - wires. These two wires must be terminated to 120Ω resistors on the both the converter and transmitter ends. Can anyone explain the 120 Ohm resistors and how to fit them? perhaps a small diagram? Very much appreciated in advance. Thank
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