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  1. Yeah, I've made sure the names are unique enough. Also, I've monitored the Alexa volumes while trying this just to make sure. Do you think it could be a hardware thing? I have a EA5 and matrix amp
  2. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had luck getting Alexa to control the volume on their C4 system. I have Alexa integrated as a voice control option and can successfully turn on/off my various video sources (see figure), however, whenever I try one of the volume commands the C4 system doesn't respond. Thanks, Jeremy
  3. I had a similar problem with my system that was troubleshooted in the following thread What ended up working for me was setting the DNS settings in my main router to and instead of automatically determined by my ISP (Verizon Fios in this case). After rebooting the modem followed by the router and C4 controller everything is working good again.
  4. I realized the problem. I was rebooting the C4 system and router, but not the modem. I just tried resetting everything and it’s working perfectly! Thanks so much for your help. You saved the day!
  5. Yeah, I just deleted it and reinstalled it from the App Store just to be sure.
  6. Ok, rebooted, and can now log in on the app. Unfortunately, the control is not much better. I can control through the app, but only after force quitting the app every time I want to change something. Also, still no control via Alexa and no internet music streaming. Perhaps that’s a OS and driver issue then? Thanks again for your help!
  7. Ok, did that (see below). Internet is still working fine, but I can no longer log into the system through the app (see attached). Do I need to reboot the EA5? Thanks!
  8. Here you go. There are a series of sub-tabs. Here is what is shows for WAN settings. Can also show other sub-tabs as well. Jeremy
  9. Sorry, I'm not a network expert; my dealer set everything up. This is what I found when I looked up the LAN settings on the router (attached). Does this provide the info you are talking about.
  10. This is what I found when I dialed into my router's IP address (attached). I'm assuming this means dhcp correct? Is this the way it should be or should it be Thanks, Jeremy
  11. Thanks! How do I check the dns servers? Yeah, I’m hoping to have my dealer upgrade to latest OS when he can finally get to my system.
  12. Hi, I started having issues with my C4 system a few days ago where my C4 IOS app (OS3) stopped working reliably. Most of the time I use the app it takes forever to load the project. Once it loads, none of the listen/watch functions work. I also can't control volume or quit any of the existing sessions. In addition, as I'm using the app it randomly reloads the project and the watch/listen icons sometimes randomly disappear leaving only the settings icon. I originally thought this was just an app issue, but none of my Alexa scenes work either, and when I try to connect to the system
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