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  1. Thanks. I’m going to give it a go. I actually have only a handful of devices I need to control so I’ll hopefully be OK.
  2. Thank you for information. I bought a VeraPlus that should arrive in a few days. I’m hoping I can transfer my current zWave network configuration from the Homeseer to the Vera and make it the primary. Otherwise, I’ll have to rebuild the network — which would be a major pain because I’ve got some devices in hard to reach places. Most of my switches are Leviton Vizio RF +, and supposedly they will push their status. I read about the Vera purchase and assuming I get everything up and running, I will leave the Vera alone - no updates. That Flex device from Brazil looks great, but I thi
  3. As part of my project to add C4 to my existing home, I need to control some z-wave devices including a Schlage lock, several Leviton switches and outlets, several GE outlets and four Graber "Virtual Cord" z-wave shades. I've gone through the list of devices compatible with the C4 dongle and I know that there are not drivers for most of these. Yes, I wish I could abandon the z-wave, but for my current home, I cannot. Thus, I need a solution. Currently, all of those z-wave devices are controlled two ways. First, I have a Homeseer Zee. Second I have them connected to my HAI/Leviton Om
  4. Ari (if you are chopedogg88), I’ll PM you and maybe we can chat. I guess I don’t have a problem going with C4 for the audio. I was an early adopter of Sonos and have always loved it (although the whole move to S2 wasn’t handled real well). But particularly with the new house, I’m homerunning the speaker wire to my rack anyway so it might make sense to go C4. I definitely want to stick with Lutron for my lighting because I really love it and because aesthetically, C4 doesn’t have anything like Grafik-T architectural dimmers/keypads.
  5. Thanks, Vince. Just out of curiosity, what model C4 controller(s) would work. Ideally, I’m guessing I’d locate the main controller in my networking rack.
  6. Hello: I am a long-time DIY’er and home automation nut. In my current home I have Lutron RA2 lighting, Omni Stat Thermostats for HVAC, Sonos for music (6 zones), Jandy iAquaLink for my pool/spa. I have some zWave devices (a lock, shades and switches) which I control from a HomeSeer controller. I have a lot this integrated into my OmniPro controller which runs my security. I’ve got my Level One Lutron cert and am pretty proficient programming Lutron and my OmniPro. I also set up my own network using Ubiquiti UniFi equipment (USG Pro, POE switches, multiple APs). I control most
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