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  1. Well thank you all for the help but it turned out the sony AVR is just dead. New Dennon 3700 taking it's place.
  2. It is over a balun. The Roku works perfectly when connected directly to the tv itself. The DVD player is also not responding so that tells me it must be the AVR balun or cable.
  3. I have a brand new c4 system and the roku for the main living room is not responding at all. It is connected to a Sony avr in the rack. My installers can’t figure out why it will not launch on the tv. We have checked all conceptions and it is possible there is a bad hdmi cable in the wall. Just looking for other things to check to get it to work.
  4. This is very nice! Exactly what i have been looking for. PM sent
  5. I second this. i would love to easily integrate my lg washer and dryer.
  6. what would you want for all of them?
  7. Thank you all for the replies. It seems like the right call is to go with the EA1 at each TV for extra flexibility and reliability. I don't really plan on using the OSD so that is really a non issue for me.
  8. That makes complete since there. One cable run in an existing house verses many.
  9. Thanks guys! I'll get in touch. I have a workup of the lighting layout we could use to plan.
  10. Thanks you for all the help guys. It sounds like the dealer was following the Control 4 recommendation. We do have a very heavily insulated home (the original owner insulated the interior walls with spray foam.) which is another reason he gave to increase signal strength. The house covers 6k sqf and has 36 speakers in the distribution system with ip control of tv's. We plan to add video distribution as well as full electrical control down the line as well and i have asked him to prep for that on the original build.
  11. My local integrator that built out my system has unfortunately been less than reliable getting the project done and working. I am not under any kind of service agreement so I assume I can easily change integrators. Currently I am looking to add light switches and some outlets to the system and have a professional electrician locally ready to preform the install if needed. Can anyone suggest a source for the control 4 components and programing?
  12. I think you IOX idea makes much more since. I do not plan to use the C4 interface on a TV. They were pitching it as needed in the theater room as well as the 5.1 area in our living room. It would make much more since to buy the IOX and some light switches from the sound of it. The house is built pretty dense so i could see a need to improve the network a little.
  13. That makes perfect since, Thank you! I do not want to compromise the system for a little initial savings I just needed to know why.
  14. I have a local integrator setting up our new house with tv's a theater room and C4. They initially started with an EA-5 but now want to add 4 Ea1's. One for each TV location in the home. This just seams like overkill on the surface but i guess there could be a need for it. Can anyone confirm that this could be a necessary system component?
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