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  1. Update: I have managed to get the driver to communicate with the UI. I started a fresh Driver Project and placed the gPoolProxy:dev_AirTemperature(40) command in ON_DRIVER_LATEINIT.pool_init() and the UI updated correctly.
  2. I am developing a driver based off the Pool Proxy Template, and I am struggling to populate the user interface (pictured below) with anything. As a start I am trying to simply set the Air Temperature to a value of 40. To do this I am using the command: gPoolProxy:dev_AirTemperature(40). I have tried placing this command in several places: ON_DRIVER_EARLY_INIT ON_DRIVER_INIT ON_DRIVER_LATEINIT A button in Actions which calls LUA_ACTION.update GET_STATE_HANDLED Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I have been using DriverEditor for the last few weeks developing a driver. Since yesterday I have been getting the error pictured below when trying to publish the driver. Restarting DriverEditor will allow me to publish the driver once but after that the error occurs every time until I restart the program again. This issue appears with any driver project I try to publish, not just the one I have been working on, even completely new driver projects produce the error. Has anyone else run into this issue or know how to fix it?
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