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  1. When using NEEO for Apple TV, you can use the directional pad to either fast forward or reverse, but when you press the center "OK" button nothing happens. Can this button be programmed to simulate "Play" and stop the fast forwarding? Also, when you hit the OFF button to stop watching TV, the room just doesn't turn off. Instead, a message on the screen pops up wanting you to confirm "ROOM OFF" again. I find this annoying, can the OFF button be programmed to simply turn the TV off without having to also hit a room off command pop-up on the remote screen?
  2. What is official? We are currently deciding between the C4 DS2 and Doorbird for our house. What changed that makes Door Bird more attractive? Why is the DS2 bad?
  3. Doesn't Control 4 also own LUMA or something? Knowing that, shouldn't this be a flawless integration between the two? Sounds like maybe my integrator doesn't know what he's doing when porting the LUMA cameras into 4 or something. They are VERY blurry when you expand the view, and this was his fix because before the camera views wouldn't expand at all and were only showing thumbnails...
  4. Thanks guys, I have installed the bond bridge and all fans are working fine off the bond app right now. Hopefully Bond and C4 have a good integration and then I'll be home free.
  5. Here’s the actual fans I have. Looks like they are “6-speed DC reverse on remote” for their control. How do I get these on C4? https://fanimation.com/products/fans/indoor/prop/
  6. We have (5) LUMA 510 (2) LUMA 710 cameras going into a new integration. The thumbnail previews in the C4 app look excellent and very clear, but we couldn't get the thumbnail images to expand when you click on them. My integrator finally got the thumbnails to expand, but the solution was they had to downgrade the resolution on the camera view? So now, the thumbnail looks good, but when it expands the camera view is very grainy and crappy quality? I was told to go with LUMA because they are owned by C4 and integrate well, how is this possible? Has anyone else had issues with LUMA cameras n
  7. I'm working with an integrator right now who is struggling to control 7-8 ceiling fans in my home. The fans all appear newer, Fanimation brand, and the prior homeowners had those annoying fan speed remote controls in each room. Going to C4, we were really hoping to ditch all the fan remotes, and my integrator assured me the C4 fan controllers on the wall would control the fan speeds so we ordered a bunch of C4 fan controllers. That said, with the C4 switches now installed, the fans are giving us issues. They will trigger on/off, but when we cut the fan speed down at all the fans basically
  8. To update this thread, I ended up going with Company #2 and the Just Add Power option. We might be moving from this house to a larger house within 1-2 years, and my logic was at least then I can take the JAP stuff with me and have an expandable system. We are not huge "TV picture" obsessed people who are always chasing the latest frame rate and all of that. As long as it's a good HD picture that looks decent, we are good. So I think JAP will suit us well. I appreciate everyone's input on this thread, tons of great comments!
  9. I think for us the decision came down to our other home having Control 4. That home was a VERY extensive integration with indoor/outdoor lighting, many audio/video zones, and alot of $$$ spent on Control 4. I tried Savant on a cheaper 2nd home, and I had a very bad experience with the Savant thermostat (which I still feel is junk) and wanted to use Nest. That's when I found that Savant really doesn't want to play well with other products, they want you to buy their products. So that kind of turned me off to Savant, and now having both our homes one one app (C4) will be nice. Savant seems
  10. LOL, ok now you have to elaborate on that comment. We have C4 on our other house up north, so I have experience using both. When C4 went to OS3 I felt it closed the gap of the app/interface a little + I just got the feeling C4 integrated with more partners more easily than Savant does. But please do elaborate on Savant being superior, I'm honestly curious now. Guess I could still go Savant at this home if I want to.
  11. Thanks. I already have a decent "rack" from the home we just moved out of, that had Savant. Would I still need a "rack" with JAP? the house has cat 5 already running to many TV's and locations, but I guess we would still put the cable boxes and Apple TVs on a central rack and then just use the JAP stuff off the back of the rack instead of a video matrix?
  12. The home also has like (8) built in audio zones though, and we definitely want something like C4 to control those.
  13. The home has 7 bedrooms and probably 10 TVs. But we are only installing Control 4 on the main level with the master bedroom, living room, billiard room, etc. So we are putting (4) TV's onto Control 4 and leaving the upstairs guest bedrooms for just Wi-Fi access via Roku, Apple TV, only. Those bedrooms are vacant 90% of the year.
  14. We are probably 70% Apple TV (use Netflix, Amazone, etc through Apple TV), 30% cable TV and that's really it. But we do like to have two DVR cable boxes, and be able to view them from anywhere we have a C4 zone. Sometimes the girlfriend wants to watch her DVR content via cable in one room, and then I use the other cable box to watch football or whatever. And then we use Apple TV for movies and Netflix in the evenings.
  15. Some of you are confusing me a little on this thread, I'm the OP but just a normal guy and not an C4 integrator. Am I understanding correctly that some people are using C4 over Wi-fi or "over the air" and not using either products like JAP or a video Matrix? Just putting some kind of device on each TV and then powering everything through C4 via Wi-Fi? And this is the most cost effective way obviously?
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