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  1. Is there any real difference between Ruckus and Access Networks APs? I understand they are the same product but rebadged?
  2. It’s true. Control4 has significantly more potential functionality, but it’s $600 (EA1) + $600 (remote) versus URC which is ~$300. Need to pay for programming for either so that’s a wash. So really depends on how much more OP plans beyond just a remote.
  3. Get a universal remote (the brand). Really great and will do it all.
  4. https://www.stealthacoustics.com/brochures/Stealth Catalog 2020.pdf $130,000 (See page 65). But it is marine grade so you are paying for that full salt water resistance! And foldable.
  5. $22K USD. EDIT: Sorry thought you were asking about the Seura. No idea what the 120" costs!
  6. Is that latter comment true of any type of smart film/a comment about frosting glass generally vs. blinds? Only other choice is to frost it permanently because it’s literally in the shower. Not sure that will help more. I think I can eliminate the condensation issue by using double paned glass or something.
  7. Watching as well. I have a bathroom with a window in the shower that faces other buildings. Either going to need permanent frosted glass or a solution like this. To Cyknight's point, it's cold here so I need something that would work. Window isn't that big so I am not sure how expensive it would be. Looks like for me I'd want Electrochromic film because I'd want it to be clear when off...
  8. Following! Did you vent it to somewhere or just within the closet?
  9. To be fair, they wrote that right before Google's announcement that they are shutting down their Stadia studio. https://www.theverge.com/22260994/google-stadia-platform-white-label-option https://www.engadget.com/google-stadia-studios-closure-173055505.html
  10. Yup. I’d also wait to attempt this until PS5s are easier to get. In case you need to buy a new one.
  11. There are people who have modified a PS4 (and even the PS5) to include an external bluetooth antenna. It requires taking it apart and drilling holes. Then those people are able to get full coverage for their controllers. It can be done, but you obviously have to know what you are doing and I've heard its a bit more difficult on the PS5 (which has two antennas) than it was on the PS4. Plenty of YouTube videos.
  12. Note that Sling recently announced they will be shutting down their servers in two years and Slingplayer will no longer function.
  13. The OP. Sounds to me like the OP may not have a 4K compatible matrix/video distribution system, which would be unfortunate because that's obviously an expensive fix...
  14. What do you mean by sharing "one account" on Spotify? If you don't have a Spotify Family plan (and it is just a Spotify plan), you can only play one song at once. Spotify is normally ~$9.99 a month. The family plan is $15 a month. With the family plan, you can have separate accounts and separate streams playing, but I am pretty sure you still cannot play two songs on one account, so this sounds like an account issue to me. For instance, on Sonos you would have to set up "my Spotify" and "wife's Spotify" [using real names obviously] and tell Sonos which account to play the song on. Tr
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