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    Thanks! It’s rated for 6 streams, I believe. But what I’m really wondering is if you can connect 10+ zones to a Nucleus (even if you cant group more than 6 at once). It’s all kind of academic now though because I just bit the bullet and bought a Nucleus Plus…I really want the Sonos integration cleaned up for C4,
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    Is there no way to integrate C4 with a Roon server off a QNAP NAS (assuming the NAS has specs equal to or greater than the Nucleus)? Also, if you have 12 zones of Sonos, but wouldn't ever be playing music simultaneously in more than 6, can you use the Nucleus or will it not let you add all 12 audio zones? I have a Roon server off my NAS and am planning to integrate with C4, but I guess I may be buying a Nucleus (or plus)... Thanks!!
  3. Rialto or Bijou 600. Awesome amps. Very compact and they put out 200 watts per channel at 4 ohms. You can find them used on eBay for less than $500. Edit - sorry read what you needed as two speaker (not two zone). These dont have two zones.
  4. Ultimately, a Control4 system has more value to a home than DIY Zigbee switches. Just my 2 cents. And I say that as someone who is moving to Control4 from a DIY system. The Control4 system will be more reliable and integrate just as well with Alexa. That said, if it's just 6 switches, probably like $270 to replace with zigbee ones, vs. $1000 for a basic Control4 system with programming (but dealers should chime in here). So it may be a cheaper option to rip out the control4 switches.
  5. Might be more cost efficient and easier to set up a small Control4 system just for lighting, no? Then you could integrate Alexa with that and expand the control4 later if you liked it.
  6. These Sonance speakers would be great and you could attach them to your deck. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sonance-mariner-8-2-way-outdoor-speakers-pair-black/6253964.p?skuId=6253964 There are a range of mariner line speakers, so you could pick out what would fit best for you.
  7. Makes sense. Guess they want to give you a reason to keep renting boxes.
  8. Thanks. That's a bummer! Was hoping there was some slick control4 solution.
  9. I think the Apple Music subscriber base will grow with these bundled plans. Plus, now that it has hifi audio included, there really is no benefit to using another service, except for the integration issues (which is a big thing). One reason I went with Sonos audio.
  10. Has anyone integrated the Xfinity app on Roku with Control4? How is it? Do you get the ability to enter channel numbers on the Neeo remote? Thinking about Xfinity vs. Verizon Fios and the ability to save on fees for 7 boxes is attractive, if the app control is decent (I have general knowledge of the app with Roku, but without the number buttons, it's a bit clunky).
  11. Burn in issues are greatly overstated on OLEDs. In real world use (not a torture test), it's really unlikely you would experience burn in. Many people use the LG OLED 48" as a monitor. OLEDs are becoming more and more popular for use as monitors. And many cell phones have OLED screens. Think about it -- if burn in were so bad, wouldn't all those screens be toast? Instead, there are isolated incidents of people who have issues. In reality, the OLED burn in risk is super low--that myth is exacerbated by YouTube videos of people abusing their screens or putting them into extreme scenarios (or complaining about image retention which isn't really burn in and can be cleared off the screen by running the protection software). I have 4 OLEDs and have never had an issue with burn in. I play PS5 on my OLED all the time. Don't let people scare you. In probably 5 years, I've had 1 minor image retention issue. I cleared it in approximately 3 minutes by clicking the LG image retention fixer. As a final point -- there is a reason that Best Buy offers a burn in protection insurance plan for the same price as any other extended warranty from any retailer. Because it's not a real risk.
  12. There are dealers here who do remote programming. Couldn't they help? Do you need your original dealer to let them into the programming or can anyone access your system if you allow them?
  13. Anyone have experience with Ketra? Worth it? How well does it play with Control4? Does it suffer if you have some lights (like chandeliers) that do not have bulbs that could be replaced with Ketra? Thinking about replacing all the canned down lights on a few floors with Ketra, but not sure whether I need to be concerned that some sconces/fixtures don't take regular bulbs, nor is there an obvious Ketra replacement...
  14. Could it be your upload speed on the Chime? Is the Chime completely cloud based or when someone is at home is it operating over LAN?
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