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  1. Anyone have experience with Ketra? Worth it? How well does it play with Control4? Does it suffer if you have some lights (like chandeliers) that do not have bulbs that could be replaced with Ketra? Thinking about replacing all the canned down lights on a few floors with Ketra, but not sure whether I need to be concerned that some sconces/fixtures don't take regular bulbs, nor is there an obvious Ketra replacement...
  2. Could it be your upload speed on the Chime? Is the Chime completely cloud based or when someone is at home is it operating over LAN?
  3. NP! And it goes on sale for under $100 periodically. The nice thing about the BB deal is that it renews at that price too.
  4. I get Tidal Hifi for less than $9.99 a month through Best Buy ($99 a year). So you can get Tidal really cheap.
  5. Well my point was in response to the fact that Unifi is releasing a new “pro” WiFi 6 system right now. So, while I agree with you, it won’t be great as a consumer to pay for this and then want to redesign the whole system again. By the fall, the new iPhone, new MacBook Pro, and numerous Android and PC devices will have WiFi 6e. And the people who just bought this system will be calling their dealers to ask why they paid all that money for something that was so quickly “last gen”. The time to release WiFi 6 was last May when everyone else did it. Some people won’t care, but WiFi 6e is going
  6. Tidal is actually cheap in the US with a Best Buy-managed subscription (it can be up to 50% off-I pay less than I would for Spotify). I agree this has alarm bells all over it for C4 users-though I think they’ll be incentivized to keep it working due to the fact that they need to keep their base customers (those who can actually use the HiFi audio) happy. It’s Tidal’s only differentiating factor, though it is rapidly eroding.
  7. Sure except WiFi 6e is already out.
  8. Too bad they didn’t just leap to WiFi 6e. That would have been huge.
  9. Is there any real difference between Ruckus and Access Networks APs? I understand they are the same product but rebadged?
  10. It’s true. Control4 has significantly more potential functionality, but it’s $600 (EA1) + $600 (remote) versus URC which is ~$300. Need to pay for programming for either so that’s a wash. So really depends on how much more OP plans beyond just a remote.
  11. Get a universal remote (the brand). Really great and will do it all.
  12. https://www.stealthacoustics.com/brochures/Stealth Catalog 2020.pdf $130,000 (See page 65). But it is marine grade so you are paying for that full salt water resistance! And foldable.
  13. $22K USD. EDIT: Sorry thought you were asking about the Seura. No idea what the 120" costs!
  14. Is that latter comment true of any type of smart film/a comment about frosting glass generally vs. blinds? Only other choice is to frost it permanently because it’s literally in the shower. Not sure that will help more. I think I can eliminate the condensation issue by using double paned glass or something.
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