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  1. Looking for 5 white dimmer switches. Does anyone have these older ones?
  2. Does anyone have LDZ-101 switches in white?
  3. My dealer asked control4 and they gave her the model number for the kit.They no longer carry them. Just can’t find any.
  4. I am looking for 5 color change kits for 5 dimmer switches in white. LDZ-101 C4-CKDIM-WH Does anyone have any or know where I can find them?
  5. Can you give me your email address or a means to contact you. I am going to call the store who installed the system to see if I can get the model number. Then I can follow up with you. Thanks.
  6. any idea where I can find the model number?
  7. any idea where I can find the model number?
  8. That would be great if you have any and they work.
  9. Trying to get model number. At least 10 years old.
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