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  1. Yeah, if your old doorbell supplies low voltage power, then it hooks up directly to your old power wires. No batteries.
  2. Dang, just got this installed and yeah, frustrating that I can't edit any of its settings. Right now, I'm only seeing still images in doorbell history and not video snippets...
  3. Yep, mine always show on as well, though do work when clicking the button to turn off/on, change dimmness, but...yes...always shows on in my navigator.
  4. OK, no problem. Where is the poll time adjustable at? If my dealer added the driver, are they the only ones that can change driver settings?
  5. OK, as mentioned in the above thread, you state: The driver polls for feedback. As such we don’t know the state instantaneously. Also we don’t see button presses so this will never work. And as the user tried to confirm "Ok. Are those triggers (top button tap and bottom button tap) useful for anything then?" Just confirming...that "top single tap" and "bottom single tap" don't ever work (even though they are enabled options in the programming tab). Right now, I have bathroom fans, and a timer to turn them off after 5 minutes. Current programming is -&
  6. Thanks for the quick replies! Ok, no problem. I almost never program on button presses anyway, but on light_state changes instead. Though....I'm guessing now that I don't have much in the way of variables to control...most importantly...Preset_level, right? Currently, I change the preset level several times a day. For example, late night.....preset level is...20%. So if the light is off, preset level is set to 20%, so when a person turns on the light, it goes to 20%. However, once its on...the preset changes to 100% (light level day) so if they push the top button again, it turn
  7. Ok, but from reading this thread, I can see that I am able to programmatically check current status such as on/off/dimmer level, plus since the light switch gets binded to key buttons (on/off/toggle), do I get event triggers? (like c4 is notified on top button press, bottom button press, etc?)
  8. Ok, I already have 30+ circuits controlled by C4 dimmers (installed about a month ago), but just saw these products and was looking to finish out more of my house with less expensive options. Like...doing bathroom lights which are on dumb switches right now. Basically, the "less important" switches. I've already programmed myself changing light preset levels and auto dimming lights to the new level several times a day. But, if I get HS220s, how much control am I given in composer? 1. Does it have just as much integration as a normal c4 dimmer? Like, the driver makes the HS220 mimic a
  9. Great news! Thanks for talking with them about it and being proactive.
  10. Having the same issue. Is there a good way to notify control4 directly about the bug? Does the company have a bug report feature?
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