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  1. Got it. I think, it settles this. Thank you. I have a related question though - Does the same compatibility applies to point-to-point baluns i.e. does this matrix only work with LTPTP-F, LTPTP-L or can I use an AVPro POH balun (AC-EX70-UHD) (currently using it on a AV Receiver) on its HDMI port?
  2. Thank you both. Very helpful. I will stick with LU1 or LU1E. Regarding the limitation of the KIT matrix, do you know this from your personal experience? I ask this because the data sheet is little ambiguous on this. Let me explain - while the table on page 2 clearly states that Ethernet over HDBaseT is not available for the KIT matrix but this might be because, the LU642L KIT ships with LU1 baluns which does not have a LAN port. I am also inferring this because the first paragraph on the data sheet (attached) suggests that LU1E can be used for Ethernet with all the matrix in the "C4
  3. Hello All - I am new to this forum (and Control4). I have bought a Control4 LU642L Kit (matrix only) and need to buy the receivers separately. I have a few questions - Can I ONLY use the LU1 receivers with this matrix (i.e. is it a proprietary receiver for this switch) or can I also use other brand HDBaseT receivers i.e. Altona etc ? Can I also use LU1E receiver with LU642L to make use of the LAN port? The data sheet is little confusing/conflicting. If I have a choice, what other brand do you recommend that are not too expensive? Thanks for your help in advance
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