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  1. What does an EA-1 and NEEO cost along with setup roughly? I’ve sent 2 online emails 5 days ago to local dealers in MA/NH and haven’t heard a word from them.
  2. So I’m basically looking just for an amazing all in one remote. I want to include my LG OLED, Play Station, Nintendo Switch, Sony HTS5000 sound bar, Apple TV. and possibly some other items like lights and Nest thermostat. I don’t mind buying the NEEO and an EA-1 Package if it’s going to give me a great experience and clean up my clutter Of having 4-5 remotes on my table. It’s driving me crazy. Can you really put all the above remotes into one product and have it work smoothly. I tried the Harmony Elite and felt like it was not that great of a product.. With the Apple TV remote will I have th
  3. Can the NEEO be used as a standalone remote. I don’t have a C4 system just looking for a great remote to combine the 5 remotes I am using at the moment.
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