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  1. What does an EA-1 and NEEO cost along with setup roughly? I’ve sent 2 online emails 5 days ago to local dealers in MA/NH and haven’t heard a word from them.
  2. So I’m basically looking just for an amazing all in one remote. I want to include my LG OLED, Play Station, Nintendo Switch, Sony HTS5000 sound bar, Apple TV. and possibly some other items like lights and Nest thermostat. I don’t mind buying the NEEO and an EA-1 Package if it’s going to give me a great experience and clean up my clutter Of having 4-5 remotes on my table. It’s driving me crazy. Can you really put all the above remotes into one product and have it work smoothly. I tried the Harmony Elite and felt like it was not that great of a product.. With the Apple TV remote will I have the touch pad ability on the NEEO’s touch screen? I just love the ability to be able to hit one task and it will turn on the. Apple TV, sound bar, and OLED. Thanks for all the help
  3. Can the NEEO be used as a standalone remote. I don’t have a C4 system just looking for a great remote to combine the 5 remotes I am using at the moment.
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