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  1. I think I've got the ethernet/wifi connectivity down, it should be solid. Definitely need to see a dealer to have him explain my options based on my needs.
  2. 5000 sf all together plus I want one in the garage and one possibly outside or in the garden shed to cover the backyard. Definitely will be doing some testing and fine-tuning once all new networking pieces are connected.
  3. Yes, the plan is to have each AP hard wired to the Unifi Pro switch in the basement.
  4. Thanks, its very helpful. Looks like I am on the right track. Wifi has been a problem in some parts of the house so, coincidentally, I just bought a Unifi POE switch with 6 APs. I should be fine as far as reliable Wifi goes. Each level, as in your case, will have a small unmanaged switch to give me the ability to hardwire as many devices as needed. The large switch will be in the basement, that's where all the IP cameras will connect to. Didn't think about wiring for sensors. Will definitely do that as that's important. Yeah, been planning on inviting the local dealer for a consultat
  5. Hi all, New to home automation, new to running wires and feel a little lost. My home is 3 levels - basement, main and second floors. An older house, fully finished. I removed a few pot lights and cut a few holes to run some cables but find the task of running multiple wires very challenging due to walls not lining up between floors and a multitude of various poorly organized wires and ducts/pipes everywhere. I found a way to run a couple of CAT6a cables from the basement to the main floor and a couple to the second floor, but I can't imagine running multiple speaker or coaxial wires
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